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  1. Thank you! I'll check to see if the plugin is still available. The full version lacking a midi recording option seems strange and too expensive for lacking such a feature. Being able to record anything I can to midi is going to be amazing and save me a lot of time and prevent MANY awesome riffs and licks being lost to memory... I am researching free DAWs and trying to pick one that has the most features with ease of use, and that accepts plugins.
  2. Awesome, thank you! I am definitely going to check it out. I also want to "play other instruments" with midi, but with the guitar so that I can add some crazy and epic layers to my tunes. I practice muting techniques to try to avoid sympathetic string sounds as the way I shred can make it a problem, but filling in the blanks should be easy. My girlfriend (who sin gs and jams a little) was watching me use power tab after listening to me jam, and she can also help me with things. I found the VST version of JO somewhere cheap ($99 for the whole thing!) I just have to pick a DAW...
  3. Thank you! This is the sort of info I was looking for. I may look into a midi guitar at some point. I have been looking at one from the 80's (Casio DG-20) and will probably end up with one of those, though nicer guitars are really expensive. I may buy Midi Guitar 2 and try out some free DAWs in order to experiment before investing in a DAW. I keep googling info about the helix, midi, DAWs, recording, etc. I didn't know if the Roland cable would be of any benefit; I mentioned it just to provide info on everything that I have here at my disposal. I usually use it to connect an old Roland MT-32 to my PC. Though you are correct that I need to conduct serious research. I was just getting lost and frustrated in trying to find the answers. I can fill in the blanks in the tracking when I shred. I often continue to compose music within Power Tab after writing the base music on the guitar, and then later learning how to play the finished product or further refine the tunes on the guitar. The idea is to make it easier to add riffs and licks to my catalogue for later arrangements. I wish that Line6 would add more MIDI capabilities to the Helix and the Variax guitars...
  4. I just read that I may be able to record midi simply with Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2, so I suppose that I will have to continue to research things until I buy that and choose a DAW that it is compatible with (and with the Helix.) I may also use the Variax 300/POD XT Live for one of the guitars, and the Shuriken/Helix for the other guitar, just to create a mesh of sounds, since I never recorded anything with the old set up, and I had purchased the metal pack.
  5. I'm not sure what these things mean exactly, but I will be searching. I just want notes I play on guitar to end up in a midi file, somehow. I have to tab out my music so that I can review it like a map, in case I forget how I played something. I don't want to stop to tab out everything that I come up with in a jam session, or I will have to keep interrupting the flow. I can import midi files into the tablature software and it will auto-tab out the music, and I can then listen to it and copy-paste the good stuff and delete the no-so-good-stuff. I also play complex melodies that I may not remember how to play, because my fingers sometimes do their own thing, so a map of the notes helps me to learn how I am doing what I do. Thank you, I will research these things. Thank you! To review - basically, I want to connect the Helix to my PC with the USB, and I also have the Roland USB midi adapter. I am going to install a DAW, though I don't know which one yet. I am also going to purchase Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2, which has a DAW plugin. I want to use the Helix for my tones and to have it work alongside the DAW and record audio tracks and somehow have everything that I play end up in a *.mid file that I can import into tablature software. I will keep searching for midi information and watching the tutorial vids while trying to accomplish these goals, while also trying to create a unique tone with the Helix. I will eventually buy a Roland drum kit and upgrade my keyboard and buy a bass, and I hope to be able to capture everything in midi format for tabbing out and for reviewing/editing/arranging, and create audio tracks for distribution/burning to CDs..
  6. Thank you for the information. I get overwhelmed with the amount of info out there, though I haven't found answers about using the midi out to record to *.mid file. I need to learn more about what I can do, as I don't understand what everything means when I am editing my tones. One of these days, I will spend the entire day watching tutorial videos.
  7. Greetings, I used a POD XT Live with a Variax 300 for a few years and I remember using my PC to create my own tones, including a custom metal tone, 12 string acoustic tone, and a sitar tone. The Pod came with a physical manual that was easy to flip through, and I had no problem editing things with the PC for both the POD and the Variax. The Helix Floor and the Shuriken are different beasts, and I am experimenting with the software and trying to compare it to the Pod/old Variax stuff. There are many new options and features that I need to learn about, and I find it easy to get lost in the options, or add something that mucks up the tone. I was in a motorcycle accident which messed with my memory a little bit, and I can't recall exactly how I used the old software as far as combining my Variax edits with the POD edits. Other than reading through the PDF multiple times, what are some good sources to learn about each feature of the Helix? I will be looking to create a unique metal tone, a couple of good acoustic tones, and will make a sitar tone, to start with. I am also looking to experiment with alternate tunings. I will be looking to record with the Helix, and I want to learn about using the MIDI capabilities. I am going to be getting MIDI software which will allow me to play different instrument sounds with the guitar, and I am wondering if I can somehow implement such software with the footswitches on the Helix. I am also wondering if it is possible to record what I play on the Shuriken/Helix into a *.mid file for further editing, or to import them into Powertab or some other tablature software. I have a Roland UM-One USB/Midi cable, with the in and out connected to the Helix. Any resources to help a newbie would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! Quietus
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