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  1. trolley

    Zoom 8080 preset

    Not for whole song! It's basically an octaver, slow attack, chorus & echo. Spyr_-bit.wav
  2. trolley

    Zoom 8080 preset

    So, many years ago I recorde a song (badly) which I 'd like to revisit. The Zoom 8080 had a preset called esreveR - a backwards swell patch. I've looked at the threads on Slow Gear & got some ideas (thanks) - but has anyone got anything else?. I wrote down the settings that I used for the various parameters - so hopefully I can get close
  3. trolley

    3.11 issue?

    Can I just make clear: 1) I didn't just buy the Helix - I've had it for 4.5 years. 2) I have read the manual - on several occasions 3) I've always done what I said & not had an issue. Just to be clear - because clearly I wasn't - On the LHS of the main rack unit are 4 buttons. The Home button currently does nothing when I press it. The Save & the one next to it (to open menu with advanced settings & functions) work OK. The Home button seems to do nothing. Line 6 advised to use the Updater to reinstall. Since it gave me the option I regressed to 3.1. Same result. The last option offered is to contact their service guys, in case the button's gone dead. It seems strange that just one button doesn't work (?) - a bit like me maybe :)
  4. trolley

    3.11 issue?

    So I updated my Helix rack to 3.11 no probs. But last night I tried to change folders using the Home button on the unit & it did nothing. I also tried the folder button - again nothing. TBF I haven't tried using the buttons for a couple of weeks, but the other 2 buttons work fine. Obviously I can switch presets using the software but if I ever get back out rehearsing & playing, that's not an option. The folder button steps through the models in a given preset - which is interesting! Anyone else seen this? Or is it just my unit?
  5. Apparently this happens with TRS jacks - or stereo ones. But you can reverse the polarity in the Helix to overcome it. Or so someone on another forum said. If it's wrong I'm sure someone will come along shortly with a more accurate answer! I bought a Line 6 specific Mission pedal so I don't have any issues
  6. This. I forgot last night & couldn't find any new stuff. My excuse is I couldn't find a thread with HX Edit v3.0 or similar - but I should have known anyway! Updated HX Edit & voila - all there
  7. trolley

    Fool In The Rain

    So, I feel the need to play along with this. Does anyone know how to get close to the MXR Blue Box sound in Helix?
  8. Thanks guys. Looks like one at a time, then. And remembering to save them at the time!
  9. So, since time immemorial, I have used return 1 as the input for my Helix rack, because it meant I cou;ld put the ends on my 6U rack and leave it plugged in. Of course the downside is tha twhen I want to listen to any factory presets, I have to change it. Over the years I've got 4 banks of my own presets, custom tones & some of the factory ones. Is there any way I can change all of the user bank inputs from Return 1 to Guitar Multi, iwthout doing them one at a time? I'm not expecting good news, but you can surprise me :)
  10. I've only just read this post - I know, slow! But I noticed after the last upgrade that there was no volume on some of my patches. Not all, just some. And then I realised that, for some reason, Helix had decided to put a volume block at the beginning, set for a pedal at 0%! Remove it, and bingo, all there. What it appears is that original Line 6 patches seem to have grown this extra block, but not mine or other third party presets. Weird, but there you go. And I'm sure someone's already pointed this out; if so, sorry
  11. I've just reloaded the old Factory 2 bank from 2.7 - and it's fully populated. Unlike my 2.8 version which stops at 24C. Also, someone reckoned that there are 4 Jason Sadites patches, but I've only got 3, all in Factory Presets 1. Any ideas why? I followed the update procedure rigourously and I seem to have most of everything, so it's not like it hasn't updated. I've done a reinstal & only copied in my own presets
  12. I bought a Digitech Drop - it's the solution
  13. I have. But I owe an apology -and maybe it helps other. Soooo, connect Helix, backup, download update & instal. It updates the Editor as well. I'll just go to the corner & be embarassed
  14. Doesn't he also use the ducking delay from the 2290? Or didn't he?
  15. I can't instal the editor! It says there's a newer version of Line 6 Monkey on my computer & would I like to open it? But it then tells me I have a Bass Pod XT! And it can't connect to the server. (And the Helix is not listed as an option). This happens every time I try to open the HX Edit download & install. I'm now officially pissed off!
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