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  1. This. I forgot last night & couldn't find any new stuff. My excuse is I couldn't find a thread with HX Edit v3.0 or similar - but I should have known anyway! Updated HX Edit & voila - all there
  2. trolley

    Fool In The Rain

    So, I feel the need to play along with this. Does anyone know how to get close to the MXR Blue Box sound in Helix?
  3. Thanks guys. Looks like one at a time, then. And remembering to save them at the time!
  4. So, since time immemorial, I have used return 1 as the input for my Helix rack, because it meant I cou;ld put the ends on my 6U rack and leave it plugged in. Of course the downside is tha twhen I want to listen to any factory presets, I have to change it. Over the years I've got 4 banks of my own presets, custom tones & some of the factory ones. Is there any way I can change all of the user bank inputs from Return 1 to Guitar Multi, iwthout doing them one at a time? I'm not expecting good news, but you can surprise me :)
  5. I've only just read this post - I know, slow! But I noticed after the last upgrade that there was no volume on some of my patches. Not all, just some. And then I realised that, for some reason, Helix had decided to put a volume block at the beginning, set for a pedal at 0%! Remove it, and bingo, all there. What it appears is that original Line 6 patches seem to have grown this extra block, but not mine or other third party presets. Weird, but there you go. And I'm sure someone's already pointed this out; if so, sorry
  6. I've just reloaded the old Factory 2 bank from 2.7 - and it's fully populated. Unlike my 2.8 version which stops at 24C. Also, someone reckoned that there are 4 Jason Sadites patches, but I've only got 3, all in Factory Presets 1. Any ideas why? I followed the update procedure rigourously and I seem to have most of everything, so it's not like it hasn't updated. I've done a reinstal & only copied in my own presets
  7. I bought a Digitech Drop - it's the solution
  8. I have. But I owe an apology -and maybe it helps other. Soooo, connect Helix, backup, download update & instal. It updates the Editor as well. I'll just go to the corner & be embarassed
  9. Doesn't he also use the ducking delay from the 2290? Or didn't he?
  10. I can't instal the editor! It says there's a newer version of Line 6 Monkey on my computer & would I like to open it? But it then tells me I have a Bass Pod XT! And it can't connect to the server. (And the Helix is not listed as an option). This happens every time I try to open the HX Edit download & install. I'm now officially pissed off!
  11. Having just downloaded @Jason Sadites Nunoish patch, which is blindingly close, I've just downloaded some more of his. I'd also recommend looking at his YouTube videos on how to dial in a tone in general and for specific amp models. The man knows what he's doing :)
  12. I had the same thing. I believe the original USB connector was an issue. So I switched it, then ran the update again. Several times until it worked. I didn't have any new presets showing though, so I did a factory reset & then they were there! And I never loaded my backed up User presets in - they were there all the time
  13. trolley

    New Presets?

    I've got 13B - Voltage Queen, 13C - Derailed Ingrid, 13D - Cartographer, 14A - Brit Trem Norm, 14B - Brit Trem Bright, 14C Brit Trem Jump And then some bass crap :) They weren't listed after updating, but eventually I did a restore factory presets & voila - there they were. And then I reinstalled my backed up User pesets
  14. That's interesting. ​Because, although I backed my stuff up, as instructed, I don't see any new presets in 2.3, even though I didn't do a restore! New models & fx, yes, but presets? No. Can anyone confirm that there are new presets? Someone said they're in Factory 1 - not in mine, they're not
  15. Hmm, I thought I'd replied. Brute force (& ignorance) solved it - it eventually did update. Maybe the server was overloaded? Or my internet connection was stressed (by my son). As far as I can see, there aren't any new presets, only new models to select. So going to the jam night, which is small and laid back, would have been fine , 'cos I'd have used my presets that I've already made. Except that I ran out of time, because the update took so long. Anyway, all's good. Enjoy your turkey, y'all :)
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