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  1. Congratulations on your purchase! I have both an FX100 and an Amplifi 30, and they are both a lot of fun. I use the 30 as a practice amp, streaming mp3s of our band's rehearsal recordings from my phone along with my guitar signal. It's the next best thing to playing with them! You didn't mention whether you intend to use your new toy with an Apple/iOS or Android device. There are subtle differences between the Amplifi Remote app on the two platforms, but both work well. (for me, anyway...) Make sure you've updated the firmware to the latest version, especially if you're using Android. Instructions for doing that are found here on the Line 6 support pages. I would recommend learning how to edit and save patches to 'My Tones', and also to save them to specific locations on one of the banks. This can be confusing, as it's possible to have two different tones with the same name and different settings if you're not careful, and it's also possible to spend a lot of time tweaking a tone and then losing it, because you haven't saved it properly. This can be a little confusing, so I'd spend some extra time figuring this out before trying out a lot of wholesale changes to the factory presets. I would caution you to avoid, at least at first, hastily saving a tone to 'Favorites'. I've read here on the forum that it's difficult, maybe not possible, to delete tones from this list. Until I learn differently, I'm staying away from assigning favorites. You'll soon find that the output levels of patches are all over the place. Some are rather quiet, others, balls-to-the-walls. There are reasons for this, but it makes it difficult to store patches in ready-to-stomp-on switch positions for live performances. In general, you'll have to adjust the output level in the Amp section while editing to sort-of even these out. One thing I've done that helps, after trying to equalize the output levels, is to reduce the range of the volume pedal. It defaults to 0 - 100% of the signal.That means it's pretty sensitive, and covers the entire range from no sound to full blast. I rarely need that! So I have most of my patches set so the minimum output level is about 60% and the maximum is 100%. That way, I can set up my amp to give me playable levels with the volume pedal at minimum, and then give my guitar a boost, if needed, by stepping down on the pedal. Have fun!
  2. Hmmmmm... I have a JTV59 and a 3rd generation iPad with the last version of iOS9 and the latest AMPLIFI firmware. Everything works just fine. I'm also a fairly recent purchaser of the AMPLIFI -- acquiring it in the past several months. It appears that you're suggesting that the Apple store no longer offers the AMPLIFI app - is that what's happened in your case?
  3. Which suggests that there's no way to easily sync the two devices, so that they have the tones in the same bank positions on both. That's what I'd really hoped to achieve, but it looks like I'll have to do it all 'by hand'. Oh, well -- there aren't that many changes I'll have to make. There are some banks that I'll want to customize for a specific song with unusual presets but I'll be able to set up some general purpose banks with tones that will work on many tunes. Thanks for your comments.
  4. Thanks to both of you who have responded. As it turns out, I was pleased to see, shortly after crying out for help, that they both synced to My Tones when connect with Line6. Very handy! I also tried sending a tone to myself via email. Although I haven't yet tried to load it, looks like that works, too.
  5. I've found myself with two AMPLIFI devices, and have a somewhat different use for them. Basically, I like to use the Amplifi 30 as an everyday practice and rehearsal tool, and for creating tones. I'm subbing for a guitarist in a band temporarily, and playing live with an Amplifi FX 100 going into the PA and a backline guitar amp. I'm new to the Amplifi devices, and -- try as I might -- I'm not finding clear information on how to save my tones and share them between devices. Ideally, I would like to have both devices fully 'synced' with the same tones in the same banks, but would be happy to start out by just being able to copy over a few tones form one device to the other. I've seen references to Facebook and Twitter sharing of tones, but don't know how to sort out all the details to accomplish this. Seems like it would be easy enough to simply share a tone with another FB or Twitter user, but can I share a tone there with myself, and put it on either of my Amplifi devices? Both of my Amplifi devices connect to my Android phone and iPad via bluetooth, and both are associated with the same Line6 account. Does this make it easier or more complicated for what I want to do? Help! Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Obviously, I'm late to the party with this whole thread, and this most recent post. But I'm a new Amplifi user who was searching for the same information regarding 'bank switching', and read this thread with interest. My situation relates to using two pieces of gear -- Amplifi 30 and Amplifi FX 100. Of the two, the FX 100, which has 4 footswitches, is capable of switching to any of the 25 4-preset banks and selecting one of 4 presets stored in that bank. The Amplifi 30, which has four panel-mounted pushbuttons, can change between four presets that are stored in Bank 1. It is not possible to select a different bank and have its 4 presets automatically available at the pushbuttons. It is possible to select a tone from any of the 25 banks while connected to the Amplifi Remote App on either iOS or Android via bluetooth and use it (almost) immediately, after a loading short delay, but to make it subsequently available via switch A, B, C or D, it has to be written to the Amplifi 30 -- the hardware device, itself. Unless this is done, the selected tone will always revert to whatever tones have been previously stored in those 4 switch positions. It's simply the way the device is designed/intended to be use by its manufacturer. Some find it restrictive and misleading, given the advertising hawking 100 tones in 25 banks of 4 tones each. It's not a false advertising situation -- the tones are there, and they are available for use, but they have to be selected via a bluetooth-connected app on a phone or tablet. Only 4 can be invoked via a hardware switch, and changing the presets stored in these switch positions cannot be done 'on-the-fly' in a performance situation. We, perhaps, misunderstood the functionality, and hoped or presumed it would be much more flexible than it is. My understanding is that the rest of the Amplifi series works the same way in this regard, but that using a specific model of the Line 6 accessory floorboard series does permit selecting from the available banks. I'm not well-versed in the specifics, though - you'll have to investigate and confirm for yourself whether this is a viable solution for your needs.
  7. While it's true that Line6 recommend updating via computer/USB rather than Bluetooth, the latter can work. I have purchased both a Amplifi FX 100 and an Amplifi 30, and have used Bluetooth to load the latest firmware to each without a hitch.
  8. Hi, doesn't look like you've received any responses yet. My situation is a little different, but still similar to yours. Here's my (limited) experience as a new Amplifi user. Amplifi 30 and the Ampli FX 100, both updated with the latest firmware iPad 3rd generation w/last version of iOS 9.3.5 Android phone with latest version of Android 7.1.1 Amplifi remote app, version 2.6 on both devices Although I'm still getting my feet wet, things seems to be working as-intended. Given that my iPad is older than yours, I'd expect that your results should be similar.
  9. The phrase "a fraction of the cost" suggests that the Sonic Port is vastly overpriced. Most of the inexpensive interfaces that I've seen plug into the analog (headphone) input of the iPad or iPhone and supply - in my opinion - inferior audio quality. Most of the "HD" or all-digital devices appear to be similar in price to the Sonic Port, and some are even more costly. It's apples-and-oranges comparing these two device types. I bought an interface from iRig that connects to the analog input, and was very disappointed with the results. It was very noisy, and plugging into the 1/8" jack on the curved side of the iPad doesn't inspire confidence in the integrity of the connection. The Sonic Port connects to the dock connector, and, as a bonus, LOCKS into it, making it less likely to become disconnected with a slight tug on the cable. I was very pleased to see that! Is the Line 6 software awesome-beyond-description? No. But it provides some good functionality and most of the sounds and effects a guitarist needs can be found. And if you don't like it, you can also use the Sonic Port with Garage Band or any other app that supports Apple's core audio format. It's not as if your restricted to using the Line 6 software, as the term "proprietary app" would suggest. I'm ot a Line 6 fanboy, just didn't quite see the previous comments being all that objective...
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