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  1. You can use Workbench to restore the model if you made a backup of the models prior to deleting. If you used Workbench HD backup's are automatic so you could restore from there. The old Workbench you had to do the back up yourself. Dan
  2. I always download the firmware first and then update from file with monkey. I've never had much success using monkey for the whole update. Dan
  3. I'd be surprised to see any further updates on the software barring any a bad bug popping up. I'm just surprised how many people complain but can't make any effort in adjusting their amps/effects for the new models. I completely agree line6 blew it balance wise with some of the new models and it's not good of them expecting owners too have to fix it, but that doesn't make the models themselves bad. Dan
  4. I believe the peizo's are soldered in so if you're comfortable with soldering shouldn't be too bad. As for balancing the volume just plug your guitar into the amp while you adjust the levels in workbench.
  5. From what I can see in pic of it on the l6 site it uses the same bridge as the 59, if so you just use one of the allen wrenches to turn the support post(s) in/out to the desired height. Dan
  6. Yeah, I like the new HD models for the most part and I like my JTV better than my 700, but the rick models just fall short. Dan
  7. Yeah I rarely use Amplitube, GR, or Podfarm on the acoustic models unless I'm going for some kind of effect. I just treat it like it was a recorded acoustic. Dan
  8. Yeah I had big hopes for the JTV and the Rick models figuring 10 years newer tech there would be substantial improvement, but the improvement was really little to none over the previous generation other than the ability to alt tune now. Dan
  9. To my way of thinking there would be little purpose for an acoustic amp model since you are already playing thru full range studio speakers. Some EQ, Compression etc, should get you a great tone. I some times use Pod Farms pre-amp models with my JTV acoustics but usually just EQ, and compression. Dan
  10. I just use a standard guitar stand like the one below. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/musicians-gear-tubular-guitar-stand Dan
  11. No the pitch shifting is up to +/- one octave. Dan
  12. My JTV59 works fine. It's was from one of the first few batches of 59's. I've only dealt with Line6 support once that I can think of and everything was handled well and too my satisfaction. Dan
  13. I would like an SG, and possibly a nylon model, and maybe a bass guitar model or 2. I wouldn't be interested in paying for new models though. Dan
  14. I wouldn't go so far as too say the v1.9 doesn't sound like a Strat. Whether you've been playing for 37 years, or 1 doesn't make it any less accurate a model than the 2.0 version (and I've been playing for 48+ years). As to which is better I think they're both good, just different from each other. Dan
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