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  1. I voted for both ideas and added: Wow, this is essential! I want to use the Helix as my interface, connecting a very-high quality ADC for recording vocals and a very-high quality DAC for DAW output. If this isn't fixed I will have to buy an interface to do something the Helix is advertised to do. I specifically bought the Helix Floor instead of the LT because the Floor has digital in and out. Why isn't it a priority to get these to work?
  2. I've found that the Helix tuner works well with one of my guitars but not with another, both work fine with other tuners. Many guitarists have one primary guitar, if the Helix tuner doesn't work well with it they think the tuner is poorly implemented, if the tuner does work for them they wonder what all the fuss is about. I haven't encountered this with other tuners. The Kemper has an incredible strobe tuner as well as other tuner options. The Kemper is more expensive than the Helix, but that doesn't explain why the Helix tuner can't compete with a $15 Snark.
  3. lczegel

    Getting a new Helix

    I got my Helix about a month ago. The firmware was old, old, old, something like 1.2. I plugged it in and installed 2.3 with no problem at all. Intermediate updates were not required.
  4. I replaced the neck pickup on my Music Man JPX with a Sustainiac. I included boch Sustainiac control switches, so it gives a bit more control than most guitars that have a built-in sustainer. It works beautifully, no additional guitar required. I also added midi capability with preset up-down switches and a bunch of other stuff. It is now the guitar of my dreams, and I'm planning on selling several of my other guitars.
  5. Twelfth Fret is selling the Helix floor slightly cheaper than L&M, plus they're having a 15% off all pedals sale till Dec. 31. I'm not sure if they have the LT as well.
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