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  1. True... but unfortunately I have to order one to compare it as I do not have any stores around here that carry it. Just wanted to see if there were guys that owned both and how they felt about the Spider V when comparing it to the old Vetta (in terms of pure sound quality, modelling and FX).
  2. So... if you don't need the dual amps that the Vetta II HD offers, would a switch from the Vetta II HD to a Spider V 240 HD be an upgrade in tone or more of a downgrade? What's your opinion?
  3. Please consider the Helix version of the Line6 original "Agro"!!
  4. Yes, haven't had the time to test too much yet, but it seems to be running great with the JMP-1 so far. I think this will make a great sounding live and rehearsal rig for my needs.
  5. For guys that are in a similar situation, this vid also helped a lot: My M13 came, I updated it to FW 2.04 and it works with my JMP-1 rack as in the vid above. Pretty instant switching too... Many thanks again for your help!
  6. Got a great offer on a used M13 and thinking about doing it. Can the M13 control my JMP-1? Like switch sounds on the JMP-1 via Midi?
  7. here's me using the Agro on the XT and X3 in high-gain class A/B-style: (sorry for the bandcamp links, but I do not have those soundsamples anywhere else) I hear the new Spider V has the Agro, so porting it to Helix should not be too complicated ;) Vote for it here:!/842434-23508
  8. Line6 Agro (or Aggro)... Been saying it repeadetly - one of Line6's best and most versatile original models. Can go all the way from class A to super-saturated (and tight) A/B style distortion...
  9. Thanks for your post bro. I did consider an FX8. The thing that keeps me from going this way is that if I want to spend that kind of money on FX, the Helix offers amp models in addition to great FX. So I can use it for recording directly as well. The FX8 does not offer this. So even if the FX8 has better effects and JMP-1 switching capabilites, it ultimately looses against the better-priced Helix, which also offers me amps and cabs for additional flavors. Now, if the FX-8 was $800 - 900, I'd strongly consider it instead.
  10. ...and the last reason *NOT* to get a Helix... evaporated!!! Thanks man, appreciate it! :)
  11. Hi guys, was just about to take the plunge to add a 19" rack FX plus midi mate controller plus pedal to my band's jamming rig, which mainly uses the sound of a Marshall JMP-1 rack preamp into a power tube amp plus 4x12 cab. Now, after thinking about it, why not go full Helix for FX only and use the JMP-1 as preamp sounds which then will be fed into a real power amp and physical 4x12 Marshall box? I have setup 12 sounds on my JMP-1 that are on programs 1 to 12. These are all the sounds I need - nothing more, nothing less. I would just need Helix to be able to recall each programm whenever I press one of its patch buttons. Can it do that? Can Helix switch patches on my JMP-1? That would be the ultimate controller for me if that was possible. Why go through 3 more units when I could have it all in one place and use the Helix' FX?
  12. You, my friend, need the Agro! Incredible high-gain tones out of this one with no need for a stomp! Vote for it here:!/842434-23508
  13.!/842434-23508 Please vote for one of the best and most versatile original Line6 models for inclusion in the HELIX: The Agro!
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