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  1. Schneidas

    Vetta II HD to Spider V 240 HD?

    True... but unfortunately I have to order one to compare it as I do not have any stores around here that carry it. Just wanted to see if there were guys that owned both and how they felt about the Spider V when comparing it to the old Vetta (in terms of pure sound quality, modelling and FX).
  2. Schneidas

    Vetta II HD to Spider V 240 HD?

    So... if you don't need the dual amps that the Vetta II HD offers, would a switch from the Vetta II HD to a Spider V 240 HD be an upgrade in tone or more of a downgrade? What's your opinion?
  3. Schneidas

    Helix FW 2.20 (The "Get Low" Update) OUT NOW

    Please consider the Helix version of the Line6 original "Agro"!!
  4. Schneidas

    Looking at a used M13... can it control my JMP-1?

    Yes, haven't had the time to test too much yet, but it seems to be running great with the JMP-1 so far. I think this will make a great sounding live and rehearsal rig for my needs.
  5. Schneidas

    Looking at a used M13... can it control my JMP-1?

    For guys that are in a similar situation, this vid also helped a lot: My M13 came, I updated it to FW 2.04 and it works with my JMP-1 rack as in the vid above. Pretty instant switching too... Many thanks again for your help!
  6. Schneidas

    Looking at a used M13... can it control my JMP-1?

    Thank you kind sir! M13 bought!
  7. Got a great offer on a used M13 and thinking about doing it. Can the M13 control my JMP-1? Like switch sounds on the JMP-1 via Midi?
  8. Schneidas

    Helix Models you wish they would add...

    here's me using the Agro on the XT and X3 in high-gain class A/B-style: https://dackel.bandcamp.com/track/yjm-style https://dackel.bandcamp.com/track/schillsjam (sorry for the bandcamp links, but I do not have those soundsamples anywhere else) I hear the new Spider V has the Agro, so porting it to Helix should not be too complicated ;) Vote for it here: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/The-original-Line6-Amp-with-the-biggest-versatility-the-AGRO!/842434-23508
  9. Schneidas

    Helix Models you wish they would add...

    Line6 Agro (or Aggro)... Been saying it repeadetly - one of Line6's best and most versatile original models. Can go all the way from class A to super-saturated (and tight) A/B style distortion...
  10. Schneidas

    Can the Helix control my 19" rack Marshall JMP-1

    Thanks for your post bro. I did consider an FX8. The thing that keeps me from going this way is that if I want to spend that kind of money on FX, the Helix offers amp models in addition to great FX. So I can use it for recording directly as well. The FX8 does not offer this. So even if the FX8 has better effects and JMP-1 switching capabilites, it ultimately looses against the better-priced Helix, which also offers me amps and cabs for additional flavors. Now, if the FX-8 was $800 - 900, I'd strongly consider it instead.
  11. Schneidas

    Can the Helix control my 19" rack Marshall JMP-1

    ...and the last reason *NOT* to get a Helix... evaporated!!! Thanks man, appreciate it! :)
  12. Hi guys, was just about to take the plunge to add a 19" rack FX plus midi mate controller plus pedal to my band's jamming rig, which mainly uses the sound of a Marshall JMP-1 rack preamp into a power tube amp plus 4x12 cab. Now, after thinking about it, why not go full Helix for FX only and use the JMP-1 as preamp sounds which then will be fed into a real power amp and physical 4x12 Marshall box? I have setup 12 sounds on my JMP-1 that are on programs 1 to 12. These are all the sounds I need - nothing more, nothing less. I would just need Helix to be able to recall each programm whenever I press one of its patch buttons. Can it do that? Can Helix switch patches on my JMP-1? That would be the ultimate controller for me if that was possible. Why go through 3 more units when I could have it all in one place and use the Helix' FX?
  13. Schneidas

    Firmware version 2.10 is here!

    You, my friend, need the Agro! Incredible high-gain tones out of this one with no need for a stomp! Vote for it here: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/The-original-Line6-Amp-with-the-biggest-versatility-the-AGRO!/842434-23508
  14. Schneidas

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/The-original-Line6-Amp-with-the-biggest-versatility-the-AGRO!/842434-23508 Please vote for one of the best and most versatile original Line6 models for inclusion in the HELIX: The Agro!