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  1. Hey there BillBee, Thanks for the help but the .xtf firmware files available won't work on reprogramming my memory; I need a full dump file so I can "fill" the Flash Memory externally. Best Regards!
  2. Good afternoon, I'm a proud owner of a PODxt Live for many years; It worked like a charm until a few weeks ago. Starting from the beginning, a year ago I broke the USB connector; Almost a month ago I decided to finally fix the USB port, so I changed the connector to a new one (I'm experienced with electronics), when I turned on the POD to try out the new USB connector, the POD simply wouldn't start; It flashed all the LED's and maintained them on, a brick with lights basically. The USB works just fine, I can access to the POD via PC but the Flash Memory is just not accessible; I checked every internal part on the POD, all the values are normal and nothing seems to be "broken". Is it possible that anyone can get me the Flash Memory full dump file of a PODxt Live so I can reprogram mine? Sorry for my bad English, Best Regards.
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