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  1. There's this handy little thing on your guitar that you can adjust volume with at any time between patches
  2. With 3.0 output block no longer displayed/accessible in Helix Edit
  3. yes I did use HXE - I got this right before upgrade and new to the interface - thank you for your help!
  4. I believe my issue might be that I backed up my stomp - I did not export presets - back up now greyed out
  5. I performed 2.8 update according to instructions on my Stomp - it went flawlessly and improvements are great! My only question is - is there a way to reload the custom presets I created in 2.7? (I did perform backup prior to update) Thank you
  6. Can you do the same thing and put output of path B to Stereo send out and change it to Line level - and use a TRS to dual mono cable (or to XLR's) and into FOH mixer?
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