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  1. I have a kb37 and the driver still works with Catalina. I always thought that Line6 is a good choice for the support too, not only for the quality of the products. If Line6 stops giving support, you might as well buy products of other brands. There is not difference..Very simple... Also: I understand the reasons of Apple. I don't understand the reasons of Line6 to end the support.
  2. Try to check under system preference --> security&privacy--> select allow if something appear on the tab. In my case is working. But i have an issue with the pitch wheel. midi data are sent randomly. i don't think is a hardware issue but a driver issue. The problem appeared after 10.14.4 upgrade.
  3. I upgraded the new OS X 10.11.1 of EL capitan released today and now my kb37 started working again. All test Ok.
  4. Now with the new release EL chap Capitan 10.11.1 my kb37 started work again. All test ok. For me is not necessary driver update
  5. watch the disgrace of El capitan at this link: https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-8801 Tim has "cooked" a very embarrassing version of his OS for audio pro-users
  6. Apple specifications for drivers are very narrow. So i understand the position of line6 and others vendors. In my case i have vu meters on my tone port kb37 and they work correctly but the sound is mute. The volume is off but monitoring of the sound work? very strange. It's seems that someone have lowered the volume to zero without asking to line6 ...( for instance tim cook?)
  7. After upgrading to OS X 10.11 I can't hear any sound from my device but i can see the VU meter move the indicator. I'm surprised. I know about trouble with driver 7.3.8 with el capitan from other topics. I'm waiting the new release of the driver. someone can tell me when the new drivers will be released? Thx
  8. Same trouble with kb37. I need to know when will be available a new compatible driver to mac os 10.11 Thx
  9. Hi, I have the same problem but my iMac has a normal 1 TB drive at 7200 rpm. Thx
  10. I have the same problem. 2 weeks ago all was fine. I don't understand what is happened. I don't remember any update. I've tried to reinstall mavericks, garage band, the driver 7.3.6 without success. Also when i'm using garage I cannot change the sample rate. Only 44.1 is accepted Vice versa when i'm using gearbox or pod farm all work fine
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