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  1. I'm using the Ballistic, as that is a model of a clone of the Op Amp Muff that Corgan used. Is there a good way to approximate the overdub? Is stacking fuzzes even an option for that? Also still think I'm hearing the octave up and down on this.
  2. I was wondering if anyone might have some tips on how to get a reasonable approximation of this crazy tone. I've got the clean and main tones for the song pretty close. For the solo, seems like Corgan used a synth, maybe with an octave up and down, and obviously a load of fuzz. I could especially use some hints with the synth component. Thanks!!
  3. I've put a gain block at the front of my patch with a slight boost, and renamed the scribble strip the name of my quieter guitar. Plug in that guitar, stomp on the switch, and off we go. No problems when I've done this.
  4. If you wanted the kind of behavior mentioned, couldn't you assign both wah and volume to EXP1 and also to a different footswitch? Then you could use the footswitch to engage the wah without a volume jump. You'd just have to stick the wah in the spot you'd want the volume before hitting the footswitch to turn off the wah.
  5. I've seen the list of impedance that gets applied if you have it set to Auto for each block that could get hit, but that only goes up to 2.9. Does anyone have a more up to date list? I'm particularly curious about Ballistic Fuzz - given that it's a fuzz I suspect it would be a lower value. Thanks!
  6. mvk20

    Exp Scribble strip

    Quick question - I’m having a hard time figuring out the behavior of the scribble strip on the EXP1/2 pedal switch when I customize it. Looks like if you try to customize it, it sort of defaults to the name of the wah pedal if that’s what you have attached to EXP1. But then, it seems like it it lit whether the pedal is on or off, and then after stepping on it a few times it seems like it’s dim when the wah is on and lit when the wah is off, which is backwards from what you’d expect. Does anyone know exactly how that aspect works?
  7. Interestingly, the FBV4 doesn't seem to be listed as compatible or incompatible with the HD series. Not sure that one is as small as you (we) might like anyway.
  8. I found what I was thinking of - it's not the newer firmware, but just some tests that were done to show that Input 1: Guitar/Input 2: Same is not the worst way to go. Here's one discussion - by the end there was a comment to this effect: https://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/74045?start=0&tstart=0 Later these two had a much more thorough discussion: Not meaning to start a war or anything. I just remember using it a couple of years ago and following the initial recommendations (not using Input 2:same) and feeling like stuff didn't sound right. Then I saw the later posts and switched to Same. I had to rebuild patches, but it didn't take me that long and I felt that stuff sounded better. For the record, I am not using low output pickups - my main axe is a Flying V with a 500 in the bridge.
  9. I was under the impression that this was much less of an issue with the newest firmwares. Is that the case at all?
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