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  1. Today I wanted to update the firmware and had the same experience even before updating (I'm using Win7). Up to now I didn't have such a problem, therefore I checked what I modified on my computer recently. My new logitech mouse (along with its software G Hub) seemed to be the problem. I closed its program and used a simple mouse instead. Then I could do the update. Thus my advice would be to close all programs as far as possible on your computer and use simple mouse/keyboard. Install the driver 1.91 (if it makes a problem again then try with 1.88). While connected with the PC+ reopen/replug your programs/ input devices. That way you should find the problematic source, hopefully. If you have used 1.88 for updating then install afterwards 1.91. With the new firmware only the 1.91 driver worked for me for ASIO in my DAW.
  2. Of course it is not optimal and I am not encouraging anyone to play a gig with this setting... but if you have just this one amp at home and want to jam with your friend sometimes, then it won't be a disaster either.
  3. Why should it be a mess? You can play a backing track through the powercab and play to it. That doesn't sound that bad. Of course, two amps would be nicer for your case but it should be fine.
  4. Hi, a standard instrument cable is a TS cable but that's not a problem. You can use it as usual :)
  5. Hi, I'm using the Powercab+ at home most of the time and have no problems at playing with low volume. It sounds really good and offers a lot of volume control! Wife will be ok ;) Earlier I had a 15W Marshall and it does make a difference in sound even in low volumes. I don't know which monitors you use, but it will probably sound better, too, since the Powercab also gives an amp feeling. But beware that it does make a difference if you sit in the direct direction to the Powercab or not. It still sounds good but being in front gives you more the amp in the room feeling. If you put two of them at the corners and your room isn't that big, then it should be fine, I think. But I have never tried two Powercabs. For the differences, check them out here: https://line6.com/powercab/ For me it's important that I can load IR into the Powercab since my podx3live cannot and has older technology for cabinet simulation. Also the PC+ has presets, which you can adjust for each preset of your helix (switching via midi works automatically). PC+ has also a USB-Interface for recording (which works unfortunately only mono atm), editing and updating features. Since you can do these stuff with your Helix and probably don't need more inputs, you should be fine with the standard Powercab. The only problem I see is, if you are not using one of the Flat modes, then you are stuck to only one cabinet simulation while playing. In order to change the cab you have to change it manually, which you can't in the middle of a song. In the Flat modes your helix will do the cabinet switching and then it's fine again. I hope this helps.
  6. Hi, I don't have two Powercabs but I think at the current state it is not possible - unfortunately. I've also tried feeding one Powercab with left and right output of my device but the usb output of the PC remains mono. The only possibility I know is to use the XLR output of both Powercabs into a mixer, but probably this is not the solution you are looking for. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. In case anyone should be interested: I managed to borrow a measuring device and indeed, POD X3 live gives 5V from its MIDI output.
  8. I'm planning to buy the Miditech Midi Thru/Filter in order to filter some midi messages. However, this gadget needs 5V power supply from the midi output. Can the POD X3 live handle this?
  9. How do you setup the volume level on the Helix? If you nearly max it (or just 75%) it should give a strong output already. You can also increase the output level by increasing the level of your currently using patch on the PC+. For this you can also use the Powercab Edit software (version 1.01 does a great job now). Beware thoug,h it may get very loud, so you want to turn down the volume of the PC+ (with its knob) a good bit :D
  10. I agree that the speaker models sound kind of muffled for me, too. Unfortunately I can't test the XLR out sound.
  11. Since the unwanted change of master volume can be a problem for many people using devices with fixed MIDI messages, I've posted this idea here: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Additional-MIDI-Filter-for-the-Powercab-112-Plus/929285-23508
  12. I think this is a good idea. It is also strange that there is no mic simulation possible when recording via USB. Maybe you can post your idea on https://line6.ideascale.com
  13. Were you now able to use IR's? If not, then try this: You have to do 2 steps in order to use IR's. In the Impulses tab you import your file and save it, so it is saved it the powercab. Then go back to the preset tab. Click on a free preset (click on its square) and then choose on the right hand side User IR and there choose your saved impulse.
  14. Hello folks, I have been testing for a few days my new Powercab Plus with the POD X3 Live and here is my experience so far about the tone: All in all the sound of my pod in the flat mode sounds livelier than through my previous amp (just a small 15W Marshall but its sound is good, too) or through my (simple) monitor speakers. So the flat mode is the way to go when I want to use a preset as it is. LF Raw mode is also good, gives also more an amp feel but the presets may need some adjustments. I am a little bit disappointed with Line6's cabinet sims. They may be ok for rock, blues but for metal etc. all the presets I tested sound quite thin / not powerful. I still have to check clean tones and will also try with more adjusting the presets. Maybe building new preset while using a cab sim would lead to nice tone, but I doubt it atm. The inbuilt IR sound nice, they can definitely be used for metal (+ some adjustments). I also tried the free IR "Celestion Vintage30 - Cenzo Townshend Mix", which also sound nice and lively. Ownhammer's free IR (only tested some mixes) was ok, but not as good as Celestion's. Edit: I've tried IR's from Celestion and they sound killer! My presets even sound amazing as they are.! This is very subjective as it heavily depends on the desired music style and the perceiving of sound. Test it yourself! I give it a 4.5/5 as a final result, since IR's (especially the ones I tested from Celestion) sound really good. Now the following two points are features that I am interested in but I encountered some problems. I'd be happy to hear if anyone of you get the same problem or am I missing something out? Recording via USB is for me important. The pod also allows this but it has sometimes a sound drop out (not that frequently) and I'd like to use different modes of the powercab for recording, too (+ powercab's latency is better). (Extra observation: Recording through flat response sounds nearly the same as the pod's usb studio output. Powercab's recording sounds 1-2% less lively, but this is a really subtle difference. In a mix you wouldn't recognize it.) Now to my problem: It says that the USB stream is stereo but my recording is always mono in the DAW. Since the POD X3 Live has no AES, I plugged both XLR outs to input 1 and 2. I've checked that the pod is really doing something stereo. Records through pod's usb are stereo but through powercab's usb it remains mono. Nothing in the global settings (powercab) could fix this. Is this a bug? What's your experience with your gear? (It doesn't have to be the pod x3 live.) This is about the MIDI connection. The powercab switches its presets flawlessly when changing the presets of the pod - that's really cool. It seems that the pod x3 live has fixed midi messages when I switch its presets, as I couldn't find any options (first time using its MIDI). So far so good, but every time I switch a preset in the pod the volume of the powercab goes to max (as if I'd turn up the volume knob to maximum). When I touch the volume knob a little bit, it jumps back to my desired volume. This a big problem as I'd love to make use of this feature but the volume jumps make it impossible for me. Has anyone else experienced this behavior when using MIDI cable? I can't tell if the powercab is acting strangely or the pod is sending an additional message which changes the volume. Thanks in advance!
  15. I do not own the amp at the moment but on the download page for the Powercab Edit, it says that there is an issue. Only 48k Hz .wav files are accepted at the moment. (I hope they will fix this problem soon.) Therefore I'd suggest you to check your IR files if they have the same frequency range.
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