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  1. Creating parallel path on 1B or 2B causes dry guitar to override settings Helix LT 3.11 HX Edit 3.1 on Win 10 [Method] - Start with a new preset. Change input to something not in use, just to verify you can start with no guitar present (e.g. USB 1/2 or Return 1) then change back to Multi or any working input. - Add any block to Path 1A (e.g. Amp+Cab to easily hear alteration to the sound). - Add a second block to Path 1A. - Drag second block to create Path 1B, then drag Split and Merge points to Path 1B to create fully parallel path. - Delete block in Path 1B, which will remove the Path. - Delete block in Path 1A, reverting to empty preset. [Result] - Dry guitar is now present regardless of input settings, output settings, blocks or paths created. Further notes from testing: - Only tested on HX Edit, I don't know if this also happens when working on the unit directly. - Tested with a Variax using VDI cable (models and mag) and 1/4" (mag only). - Did a factory reset/restore from backup after first noting the issue, but haven't tested on another unit. - This only happens when you create a fully parallel second path on either Path 1 or 2. - It sounds like an obscure issue, but it has potential consequences. For example if you create a parallel path on an existing preset, there is no way back once you save it - except to restore your preset from a backup or start over. You are otherwise stuck with the dry guitar on your preset. - If you're feeling especially evil, prank a friend by doing this to all their blank presets and watch them slowly descend into madness.
  2. There's a low note priority suggestion on ideascale: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Low-Note-Priority/1019538-23508 Outside of the Helix, there are a few options now - OC-5 has a lowest note mode but it only works across the whole neck, OPFXS Dig Deep does the same but you can set more of a range to where it operates, and the "A Little Thunder" active humbucker pickup can be set specifically to the lowest 2 or 3 strings. @jttaylor87 would you mind uploading your patch? I'd be interested to give it a go.
  3. That makes sense. Thanks for your reply @cruisinon2
  4. I'm looking for a 250 - trans black looks amazing but I'd go with satin black if there aren't going to be any more trans black coming. Finding it very difficult to find any stock at all in the UK, PMT have satin black and that's all I've found. Anyone know any other stockists, or have any knowledge of more stock on the way? I'd rather get the one I have seen than miss out entirely, but if there's a chance of that trans black then I'll wait for it! Cheers in advance.
  5. I've got guitar running through Tone 1 and bass running through Tone 2 on an X3 Pro. If I cut the guitar signal in Tone 1 (using a mute switch) then Tone 2 will also cut out. Any way to stop that happening?
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