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  1. Without a Android Mobile Pod it's a NO NO for me. How about Line 6?
  2. Dbourget


    Hi Fester! I just got back on here myself. Just couldn't get the 500 to make me happy with many hours of time spent. Sold it and decided to get another X3 Live. I was more happy with that than the 500 so got another one. Lets see what this unit can do! Dan
  3. Thanks Silverhead. Lots of changes since I was here last!
  4. Hi gang! Just got back on the X3 Live train..... To make a short story long, I've been using Line 6 stuff since 2007. Pocket pod, Variax, Xt live, X3 live, HD500. While I gave it my best shot, I just couldn't warm up to the HD500 and sold it. I've been using the Zoom G5 and the damn little thing sounds freakin good! BUT, I did miss the sound of the X3 Live and just ordered another on Ebay. I really enjoyed using the X3 Live on stage and decided to go back to it. If you look at my old threads you'll see I really gave the HD500 many kudo's while having trouble getting it to sound good to me doing the things I needed it to do and looking for what I missed in my old X3 Live. Now I hope I don't run into problems with this new Licence manager stuff. If I do, so long Line 6! Dan UPDATE! Got my new/used X3 Live from Ebay. Damn I forgot how good the thing sounded! Also using my experience gained from using the HD500 and I'm getting better than ever tones! Life is good Guys! (at least so far!) :) Dan
  5. I just bought another one but don't see anybody talking about them here. Hmmmmm.... Dan
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