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  1. Hi, I had the same problem after upgrading my Vax to higher version. I solved it buying and using the XPS-DI box (power supply for Variax Bass). It has more power and a little higher voltage. No problem has appeared after that fix.
  2. Hello, I own Variax 700 and I had similar problems with using XPS-AB power switch. A time ago I bought the XPS-DI footswitch power (originaly designed for powering Variax Bass). After using XPS-DI instead of XPS-AB no problem has appeared. It has probably more power and a little bigger output voltage. Both outputs 1/4" and XLR operate simultaneously - no need to switch in between. Milan
  3. O.K. You are right. Thank you. I need this access for my special purpose only. I own my Old Gold POD2 and it allows direct remote access to all AMP knobs. I hoped there was a similar possibility on POD HD500. I ve had a look to POD HD manual and there is no such possibility described there. Milan
  4. Hello as I have onboard pedal assigned to EXP2 I used CC2 MIDI Command. Volume now can be controlled remotely by MIDI but, onboard pedal now does not affects on volume, and both red and green LEDs are lit as if external pedal was connected to POD. But it was not connected. I connected external pedal EX-1 to POD and after that I can control volume remotely via MIDI CC and by means of external pedal as well. But my original question concerned the remote control of AMP Model Volume . Any other advice? :( Milan
  5. Oh, thank you for your prompt response. I ll try it in a while and give you a feedback. Milan
  6. Hello, does exist any MIDI CC Comand for remote control of POD HD500 Channel Volume ? Is there anybody here to help me ? Thanks Milan
  7. Here is how I have been fixing my friend´s VAX 300 in 10 steps. Milan
  8. Hello, I had a same problem with VAX 300 a time ago. The problem was in connector inside Variax. The pins were not O.K. I fixed the pins inside the connector and now it is O.K. Have a look to enclosed pictures - healthy connector inside VAX 700 and faulty one inside VAX 300 before repairing. Milan
  9. I have had the same problem before, when using XPS A/B box. I bought XPS-DI box (power adapter for Variax bass). It has more power and a little bigger output voltage. I use it a couple years w/o any problem with intermittent sound. Milan
  10. I put a little bit of silicone foil between string and saddle. No influence to sound - no string breakage after that fixing. Milan
  11. Hello Lorenzo, I think, it would be better that you will make a hand sketch and present it here. I will redraw the scheme then. Thanks for your wishes, I wish you the same, merry Christmas time and pleasant relax. You can quote me as Milan, Line 6 fan and Line 6 manuals´ translator into Czech language. Milan
  12. O.K. Lorenzo, I will try to redraw the schematics as soon as possible and give them to you at your disposal. Milan
  13. Hi Lorenzo, Thank you very much for your prompt response and your kind permission. :) I shall mention you as an author, of course, exactly by your wish. I will redraw your sketches into publishable form. Ahoy Milan
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