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  1. And besides, they should have a JTV Acoustic to work on...
  2. That's my point. You can't just "open up the modelling" like is being asked for. You could open up certain parameters, but that's effectively what they're doing by providing different bodies, pickups, angles, positions, etc. Even adding an api would require the end-user to understand the problem domain to a much higher level than your average guitarist wants to. You could possibly add customisation of elements like pickup inductance, resistance, body resonances, etc., but that really depends on how their current algorithms work. If they're not component based, all that goes out the window. The point is, they already provide the ability to vary the things they think are useful to an end-user. They could possibly provide other things, but what they are is algorithm specific and only Line 6 knows what they would be. Beyond that, everything rapidly gets much harder, and if someone really wants to do it, they could do so right now. But, we seem to be going around in circles somewhat. Me, I'm happy they provide the ability to cutomize the tones at all. Pretty amazing really.
  3. I'm saying that's how Line 6 started, so yeah, if someone wanted to replicate what Line 6 had done, that's what they could do.
  4. I think you missed my point. When Line 6 started this process, they started like the rest of us: 0 lines of Source Code (ignoring startup libraries, etc.). There's nothing stopping someone else from doing the same thing. (FWIW, I am a former embedded software engineer, working in assembler and higher level languages).
  5. I couldn't agree more. I was just pointing out the level of complexity, and the fact that if anyone was crazy enough to want to do it, they already could without Line 6 changing anything. Line 6 didn't start with Source Code originally either.
  6. This is technically already possible. A JTV is just a computer in a guitar body. Its code is downloaded from a PC through the interface cable. If someone were sufficiently interested, they could look at the chips on the JTV, disassemble the existing JTV code, and write their own JTV firmware. Line 6 is not stopping them. But it's never going to happen. Beyond the programming, you have to learn the domain: how to model different guitar bodies, pickup positions, process the piezos, etc. Line 6 has had professionals working on it full time for over a decade, and they've done a remarkably good job.
  7. Sorry, I got that in the wrong order. The 600 was a better build than the 300 :p I've fixed it in my original post.
  8. From what I understand the 600 was a better build quality than the 300, although I don't know why. People seemed to complain a lot about the guitar aspect of the 300, whereas overall people seemed fairly happy with their 600s. I couldn't agree more with you about all the old Variaxes being Strat-ish. I think the current line-up covers a much broader group of people, which is great. I just wish they had used a different designer, and a Japanese factory.
  9. Sounds like some of the magic smoke escaped. Time for a warranty fix. The only self-serviceable parts in the JTV electronics are replacement pickups.
  10. I dispute your indisputably, but I did enjoy the rant nevertheless. I think I like PRS guitars as I like looking at polished wood. Hang on, that came out wrong.... There I see a festering turd.... :)
  11. Yeah, the 700 was a significantly higher build quality than the 600. Decent guitar though.
  12. So I have a number of Variax 700s, and just one JTV59 (I wanted a 69, but can't get past the ugliness). I'm interested though: For those who don't like the look of the 700, is it: a) the body shape b) the natural wood coming through the lacquer c) the neck/headstock d) the lack of a pick-guard e) the "weird" look of having no pickups. f) all of the above I'm interested as I personally find the 700 the most beautiful looking guitar I've ever seen. That being said, I could understand people not liking the lack of pickups, but the overall shape of the guitar, including the shaped top is very similar to a PRS to me (oh yeah, I guess PRS guitars are the most beautiful I've ever seen). Just curious as to what people don't like about the look of the 700, for those who don't like it.
  13. Couldn't agree more. The new sounds are better, but the style and build quality of the 700 is waaaayyyy above the JTV series. It's a shame. I'll say this: I'll never be buying a real James Tyler guitar.
  14. Instead of recording with a Mic, you need to record directly from the JTV plugged into your recording device to make sure you are only getting the processed signal. See if the weird notes go away under those conditions.
  15. They won't fix it unless they know about it. If you want it to be looked at, you should let them know through a support ticket, including that the issue didn't happen with 1.9
  16. See:
  17. Steve, it's the correct forum, but you need to start your own thread on this topic in order to maximize your chance of someone replying. Just start a new thread and copy what you wrote into it.
  18. You should mention this to Line 6 through a support ticket so they at least become aware of the issue. They don't really monitor the forums apart from randomly.
  19. Not that I'm asking you to do any more work Phil, but it would have been interesting to have v1.9 (or Variax 700) version in the mix as well.
  20. Thanks for posting the clips. I too will have a guess. I find Quack1 a bit smoother and I imagine that's the real strat too. The second sounds a little digital to my ears. That being said, I really hope I'm wrong as that would mean I have Quack1 at my fingertips :) Perhaps you could add a poll here to see who thinks which is which before you do your reveal.
  21. You might want to try 1.90 as they changed the acoustics before they did the electrics in v2.00.
  22. I changed the pickups on my 59 and it was the almost the same as any other guitar. Just desolder the old ones and solder in the new ones. The only difference was on the 59 you are soldering to a board.
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