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  1. I had the exact problem. It turned out the DVI cable on either the JTV or the interface side felt like it plugged in correctly, but wasn't. I disconnected the cable on both sides and plugged it in again waiting for the click, and this fixed the problem.
  2. I had the same issue and the red light was on on the VDI side. It confused me for awhile as everything was plugged in. I unplugged the VDI from both the guitar and the interface to check things and plugged it back in, and that fixed the problem. It seems that these plugs can feel like they're plugged in properly even when they're not. YMMV.
  3. So, for the 69 we have string falling off fretboard edge on high e-string problem (which they "fixed" by filing the fret edge at a slightly steeper angle), tremolo snaps back onto body when all strings are removed, strings fall into electronics cavity when they break, and more subjectively, terrible stock pickups, huge headstock, ugly headstock logo, and ugly top-hat tuning control. Sounds like a bit of a mess. Such a shame, as I am strat guy and would like to get a JTV-Strat, but this 69 is not going to do it for me. Too many physical and aesthetic problems.
  4. Hopefully alsithi will answer, but there's an interesting article here on Peter Green's tone: The net result of which is to get the tone I think you're talking about, as a starting point use a Les Paul with Neck and Bridge in parallel, but out-of-phase. In Workbench, this equates to Neck and Bridge on with polarity reversed.
  5. The only time I have gotten a red light on the USB interface is either when my cable isn't plugged in correctly there, or when I didn't have a 1/4inch plug in the JTV output jack and the volume turned up. I'd disconnect the VDI cable from the interface and plug it in again. I had this exact problem once and re-plugging it on the VDI side fixed it. Monkey won't see it until the red light is fixed.
  6. Unfortunately I can't try this as my guitar is in Australia, but it would be useful to have someone else change the body and see if they also see a large volume change. Anybody able to quickly test that and chime in here?
  7. Apparently nylon string models is the current number #1 request for ideas for the JTV, so you're not alone. That's a good sign.
  8. Your english is fine, and better than my Spanish or Portugese. I would expect there to be some volume variations when using different bodies, both in Workbench and in real life. Masonite is very, very stiff and might account for some of the variation in volume. I would certainly expect the tone to be different when changing the guitar body, but "better" is subjective. If it sounds better to you, go ahead and use it.
  9. Not the height, no. You can adjust the volume of individual strings. My original answer about height was because I thought you were asking about volume changes in a real guitar, not in workbench.
  10. Oh, sorry. I just realized you meant you did it in Workbench. I thought you were talking about real pickups in real guitars. My mistake :P
  11. I'm OK with the 59 neck. I find the guitar a bit heavy. I always wanted a Les Paul, so I got the 59 to give me both a Les Paul-ish instrument, and a Variax v2 (JTV). I replaced the 59 pickups with Gibson 490s, and they sound great. It's nice to have it, and I enjoy playing it, but up to now my go-to instrument has been my red Variax 700. I LOVE the look of that (although some hate it not having pickups) and it's Japanese so the build quality is phenomenal. Much better than my Korean 59. Plus, it feels and plays more like a strat, and is light. I also sometimes bring out my real USA strat, which feels and sounds great too, but I love the variety I have available on my Variax 700. However, with the updated electric models I may have to make my 59 my default guitar. It's in Oz, and I'm not, so I haven't had a chance to try it yet. I would love them to bring out the Variax 700 body with the 2.0 electronics, but it's not going to happen. I may have to convert one of mine. The problem is none of the JTV models have the controls I would want. The 89 is the closest, but the 5 way doesn't switch like 3 single-coils, and the tuning knob has drop tuning markings instead of alternate tunings, so there's no great solution for me at this stage. I'm not doing the ugly top-hat, that's for sure.
  12. The most likely reason is that you had the pickups closer to the strings on the masonite body.
  13. Airtug. I agree 100%. I would love to get a 69 if it wasn't so ugly and didin't have the neck problems and didn't have the really ugly tuning wheel. Unfortunately, I suspect Line 6 is done with new bodies, at least for a while. They now have varations of all 3, so I think that is it. I'm going to stick with just my 59 and maybe in a few years they'll either come out with prettier models, or I'll pick up an 89 second-hand and put the electronics in a strat. Such a shame.
  14. Custom Tune slot, no. Custom Model, yes. If you haven't already, download Workbench HD and try it yourself. It'll give you a feel for what you can and cannot do with the custom models. The custom tuning is not controlled through Workbench HD at this stage as far as I can tell.
  15. An interesting idea. That could explain why some of us are not hearing the warble and some of us are. Or at least, it's worse for some of us than others.
  16. I want Line 6 to put back the "sound good" switch. They used to have it, but took it out at some point. Probably when I started playing harder stuff.
  17. I haven't tried this, so it's total guesswork, however: Line 6 sells replacement piezo pickups. Therefore, you must be able to remove and replace them. I would possibly try swapping one of the other pickups with the one in the low E string and see if the problem persists. If it goes away, it's the pickup. If not, there's a mechanical problem. As I say, I've never done this or looked closely at the piezos. Maybe there's a more obvious problem like a bit of grit under the string, or piezo, or something else.
  18. Well from my perspective, Line 6 is the contact point. If they want suggestions from me on Line 6 products, I don't expect to register with a 3rd party company. All I can say is it has stopped me from visiting or contributing to their research. I don't know how many others like me have been stopped by this, possibly no-one. But in my case, it has prevented me voting on or suggesting anything.
  19. I already have way too many accounts. Each one is open to misremembering/hacking/email spam, so I try not to register unless I have to. An extension of your train of thought is why not make it that every different page that I visit at Line 6 requires its own registration? Here's another question: What's wrong with my existing LINE 6 account working on other Line 6 websites? That's a question for Line 6 I suppose.
  20. Well, I don't know how many people use ideascale. I went to have a look and they require me to register yet another username. I already have one with Line 6 but no, another registration is required just so I can look at/submit ideas. That was the end of my committment to this idea. Maybe an idea would be that ideascale didn't need a new username. I must submit that at ideascale. But wait, that would require a new username.....
  21. Very clever idea. Something only a hex-pickup guitar with pitch-shifting and external control could do. (and kudos to johnyy for thinking of it too). Love it.
  22. Yes. You are putting both pickups in the same location, then wiring them together. This changes the inductance. It's like putting two resistors in series or parallel. Essentially, yes. True stacking would have the pickups physically on top of each other. But, otherwise, yes. That is why humbuckers generally have a lower resonant frequency than single-coils. i.e.: they sound "warmer", as well as being generally "hotter" (more output voltage). Noiseless strat pickups are essentially humbuckers but with each coil having only half the inductance. Thus, the overall inductance is the same as a strat single-coil, but without the hum. Not really, no. They are not stacked because they are not in the same physical location. Where the pickup is determines what overtones get detected. Stacked generally means in the same physical location. The middle and neck pickups are quite a distance from each other. Additionally, when joined these are usually connected in parallel instead of series. (The strat is parallel, Brian May's guitar is series). Well, I don't know if they really understood or not. They may have been putting the 2 single coils on top of each other to get a "hotter" signal, but they may not have understood that this also moves the resonant frequency. Yes it's louder, but it also has quite a different tone. The changing of the pot and volume knob is really just to make the tone roll-off the way it did before, or possibly some custom way. It doesn't affect anything while they're both at 10. If your signal is too hot, you need to reduce the level, not change the tone/volume pots. Basically, changing the volume pot changes how quickly the height of the resonant peak will change when you turn the volume down. It's similar with the tone pot/capacitor.
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