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  1. May be worth buying an extra noise gate and placing it at the beginning of your chain to help eliminate any initial guitar noise before it gets boosted any further by your set up. glad your moving forward with the issue though. Regards, Fraser.
  2. Just as a matter of interest are you only getting this when using the Helix? Have you been using any other units without this issue prior to the Helix? It certainly sounds like a grounding issue and i'd get it checked out with someone who knows there way round a muli-meter to test your home earthing issues first and take it from there if you can't identify the culprit yourself. As the rest of the guys say, it could be something as simple as an other appliance causing the problem but when it comes to electricity and your not 100% sure please have a qualified spark give things the once over if the issue persists. Cheers, Fraze
  3. If your using a standard strat / tele or any single coil guitar i would expect a little 60hz hum if your not using a noise gate. This sounds like a bit more than that. an you try it with another guitar to check its not a shielding or grounding issue with the guitar? If its not that and the Helix is still misbehaving then install the firm ware update from line 6 in a sequential order to see if it makes any difference. If you get up to the latest firmware and still have issues i would firstly open a ticket with line 6 support and email your vendor to let them know the issues you are having. It may just be firm ware that will fix the issue but there are a few people with serious hardware issues on the Helix out there too (yes i'm one of them) so you may be advised to return it for repair or replacement. Hope this helps, Cheers Fraser
  4. Mine arrived with lock up problems and i was told by Line 6 it was a hardware issue and had to be returned to vendor for repair or replacement. It's back with Thomann as I type. Cheers, Fraze
  5. Well as no one on here offered any kind of response I can reoprt back that Line 6 did. They are obvously aware of some hardware issues as well as the software / update / firmware issues. I had a note back to me today from line 6 advising me that my issue pertains to a hardware fault and to return the unit to the vendor for repair or replacement. Thomann have been very good in realising it is a genuine fault and emailing me labels to have the Unit shipped back to Gremany from the UK at there cost. As there is a turn around of 3 - 4 weeks on repairs and the next shipment of new Helix's are not due back in stock with them untill the begining of March, either way it looks like a substansial wait. Long story short if your Helix suffers from continual 'lock ups' and the buttons unresponsive then chances are its a hardware issue and you will have to return the unit. No amount of firmware updates are going to dig you out of a metaphorical hole. You will just have to bite the bullet and return to the shop from where it was purchased within there return policy dates for a refund. repair or new unit, depending on there stock availability and this is sticking point. Are you prepared to wait for up to march for a new unit?... will you ever have confidence in a unit that has been 'repaired' or do you ask for a full refund and buy another option for your guitar rig? If you have bought one with no niggles and know there is a possibility that a hardware issue may raise it's head past the return date I would like to think your confidence will remain firm and the machine performs as it should. I also think Line 6 may have been pushed by there marketing to get this out there sooner rather than later. The amount of bugs on a unit costing over a grand is pretty inexcusable. Ever have to return a floor unit before ie Boss? Roland? Ibanez, ISP. TC Electronic? I've never. Like I said I dont blame the tech guys at line 6 as I think they've been pushed into an early realise date (after four years working on it, I cant blame Yamaha either for starting to look for some of there investment back ) . Personaly I think its been pushed out too soon and the fact that demand is outstripping the ability to supply would sugest this. If there is any light at the end of the tunnel it will be that the mkII version will be more bug free. (hopefully) Cheers, Fraze.
  6. Helix running latest firmware 1.04.03 Macbook Pro running El Capitan Scarlett 2i4 Interface. Ive only been using my Helix for a few weeks after buying it in late December and I have a bug whereby after either a few hours or a few minutes the Helix will lock up on the current preset. Everything else becomes unresponsive. Switches, knobs and pedal. The only way i can clear the issue is to switch off and back on again. I have tried various firmware to see if it helped and reinstalled all the patches but this never helps. You can be playing away for an hour then try to switch a patch or move up and down and nothing happens. You are stuck on your last preset while the rest of the machine goes into lockdown. I've raised a ticket with support and let Thomann know as it may be getting shipped back if this cant be resolved. Anyone else came across this? Cheers, Fraze.
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