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  1. This is a very interesting thread. Here's my sixpence worth. Like many here, I have been a big exponent of L6 for years and indeed gig every week with the DT-50 and 4x12. I gave up using the HD500 after months and months of messing about trying to make it work for me, I am deliberately leaving out the words - tone and sound. The issues I had included, but not limited to:- Pressing the pedal to engage/disengage wah cuts off the sound temporarily and is a bugger to press. I found it incredibly difficult to balance volume levels across only 4 patches, Mod effects would also have an effect on perceived volume. Trying to work out the signal path and how to use the mixer baffles me to this day. The list of quirks is really too long when all I want to do is play the guitar instead of meddling. I regard the time it takes to set up an HD500 to be extreme and the results are not worth the effort in time. And don't even get me started on using the L6 link which causes incredibly unmanageable volume increases and what's with dual pre amps when running a mono amp? Surely L6 don't really expect me to buy 2 DT amps. And how does that work live sending out stereo studio direct to the PA, it doesn't, mmm. I could go on all day and some would say there are workarounds for all it's faults, who wants that? I fixed my issues with the HD500 reasonably quickly by buying new gear. I use in front of the DT50, a Crybaby Wah - MXR 10 band EQ In the loop of the amp i use a Zoom G3X to provide no more than Chorus for one song, Delay, reverb and of course the onboard Volume pedal - Carl Martin Boost with 3 band EQ and level trim just for the solos. Hey presto! instant pro quality rig. A channel switch to select between Soldano Clean and Soldano Distortion on the amp. Simple to set up and the important part for me is that the rig is suited to me. I run the amp in full power mode with the master at 2-3 oclock and the channel two volume at around 11 oclock (obviously) dependent on gain setting too which is usually no more that 10 oclock. Sounds great and blows the doors off. As a side note, I have bought a Zoom G5 pedal on the strength of the quality of the G3X and I set the G5 up just for jamming along with my Sessionette 75 SS amp. Within 10 minutes and I was not far away from my full gig sound and and for jamming, that is near enough. Their software interface is incredible. It's not for me to even state the comparisons just to say it is so much easier to get what I want from it. For the really keen price, I would say check it out and give it a whirl. All is not lost with the HD500, I use it at home for recording where it truly excels.
  2. I checked Vettaville some time ago for info on the Armin Mod but there is none. All the same, I think the mod is still available last time I checked a couple of weeks ago. About the mod, if you can live without the PC edit software then I cannot recommend the mod enough. All the amp models are named correctly for one thing and did I mention just how good the cab models are. Honestly, my mate with the Vetta2 just cannot get his amp to sound anywhere near as good as mine with the mod and we've tried all manner of comparisons. He plays along side me at jams and I can see the envy all over his face every time I play. The wicked side of me feels very jolly. But, that's it with the Vetta, it's sounds very very good, but does not play like my DT50. There is some sterility there in the Vetta but good players can make 'em sing and I'd like to think that I'm one who can. Yet my jamming mate, whilst a good guitar player, plays in a sterile manner. Who knows, I'm rambling now. Anyway, it is really good to know that there are still many of us who still use these awesome amps. Shame Line6 abandoned the project. Keep rockin
  3. Something is clearly very wrong. I can only advise seeking professional help with it now. Best of luck
  4. My transluscent blue 700 with the whammy was made in Japan. It has a far far better finish than that of my red JTV69. I took the neck off the 700 and bolted it to the JTV, arh, that's better, a playable instrument. The 69 neck is a lump of firewood with frets stuck on it.
  5. I have the Vetta 1 and bought the interface just a week later as I had a variax or two at the time. Pleased I bought the interface, has come in handy over the years and of course works just as well for my Variax 69. I use a DT50 and 4x12 to gig but the Vetta is still a killer amp. One of my friends at the jam has a Vetta two but he can't make it sound as good as mine. Mmmm, must be the Armin mod I installed. That was also a really good buy at £60, the cab models are steller, I just wished there was a list somewhere stating what they all are as I have only ever used my ears to pick a great sounding cab for each amp model that I use. Don't suppose any of you guys have any info on that?
  6. Ditto, still use mine for jammin, brilliant amp.
  7. I agree, something is wrong with your amp. I have a DT50 head and 4x12. I have now configured my amp as a Soldano but prior to that (when it was new) the Topology 1 (Fender clean) would blow the garage doors off at half volume and it certainly is quieter with the master pulled out but I never use that feature. Before you send it back, it might be worth a go hooking up a PodHD500 and re program the amp with midi cc. If the other topologies appear to be working as they should then there is no obvious reason that Top 1 should be behaving badly and I would not necessarily put it down to the valves. I am on the original stock valves and I gig twice a week and have done for well over a year with this amp and it still sings beautifully. I programmed Soldano clean into channel 1 and Soldano Overdrive into channel 2 but I don't use my HD500 for gigging, I use a stomp board in the traditional sense though I do run chorus and delay through the amps FX loop. If this does not work, sent it away for service. Good luck
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