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  1. I'm highly delighted to report that 2.81 has fixed what was for me, a show stopper. I posted a video on another thread clearly showing a significant delay in turning on and off 4 effects attached to one stomp switch. All 4 effects now switch on and off simultaneously. I have a hunch that this was down to some issues in processing grunt and was causing the delay in switching IRs etc in snapshots. The whole system under 2.80 was slowed down by the upgrade. Normal speed has now resumed which should effectively cure a lot of similar problems that I had experienced. What I believe is also a crucial step, make a backup of your system and presets while you've got 2.7 as I definitely had to perform a global and setlist recovery for my Helix Floor to work correctly. Hope this works for you guys
  2. Yes, I did exactly that. I read and re read the instructions very carefully before performing the update and all my patches were restored correctly and rebuilt from backup. I gave Helix every opportunity to do a correct job of patch rebuilding. Since I have now rolled back and successfully restored everything, the speed has returned and I'm a very happy chappie. At least I can gig with confidence. I really do hope Line 6 will see my video and fix the issue as I really did like what they had brought to the table in 2.8. Thank you for your reply.
  3. First time I have uploaded a video so I hope it works. The video shows how slow the Helix has become after the upgrade. All effects switched on and off simultaneously prior to the update. I noticed the anomaly at the weekend gig and had to hit the boost button a second before the solo to counter the time difference. I will have to roll back as I'm not prepared to gig with it as it is now. Brilliant piece of kit and the upgrades are terrific but this delay issue is serious for me.
  4. I know I said I'd report back in a week or two but now it's over a year and though I still have the same PC, it's pretty much always kept up to date with all my software. Still I have the audio drop outs on the X3Pro. I can be watching an embedded video in Facebook and bam!!, audio gone until a reboot. Lately, I've been using a Tascam audio interface for Cubase work which works flawlessly. I don't hold out much hope for a fix any time this century from Line6 but it really would be nice to know that someone actually discovers the issue and/or resolves it. Does anyone know if the lifetime fix for X3Live applies to the Pro? Like I said in an earlier post the X3Live went back to L6 for the hardware upgrade and worked fine ever since as an audio device. Regards
  5. I'm 56 and still gigging in a band and a duo. Been playing since xmas 73. I jumped on the L6 wagon from the Pod2 era and still use X3 pro at home for recording and HD500 for FX in amp loop for gigging. I'm no longer using my DT50 head and 4x12 cab, preferring now to use either of my two session amps, 75 or 90. Keep rockin dudes
  6. I wouldn't rule out the known issues that effect X3 Live and in my case the Pro too being the same reason for failure of your Bean. In my case it was resolved by adding another internal USB2 card with an NEC chipset. My current PC motherboard is a Gigabyte board with 10 USB2 ports on the back and two more up front. None of which were stable with the X3, either Live or Pro. Obviously this won't help you if you have a laptop.
  7. It's not just the X3 Live, my Pro has had this issue for years. I have recently installed an internal USB 2 card which seems to have cured the problem once and for all. I'm not saying it is the solution for everyone but thus far has worked for me. Cost me 10 quid including postage.
  8. USB card arrived yesterday and installed. Spent a few hours last night in Cubase working on a new song with no issues. Spent an hour this morning before work doing same with again no issues. Maybe early to tell yet but early indicators are encouraging. I'll report back in a week or two. Regards
  9. I have ordered a PCI USB 2 card, cheap and cheerful, I'll give that a go, you never know.
  10. I have exactly the same issues as the original poster. Had it all the time I've owned the Pod X3 Pro. I had my X3 Live updated by Line 6 and never caused any issues since, although the Live has never been used as a sound card. My Pc is more or less exactly the same spec although mine has more ram and a Gigabyte board installed with 10 USB ports on the rear and two up front. I can use the front ports with my Pod HD500 with no problems at all apart from some hiss but I only connect it to sort set lists, I prefer to program the HD500 sounds on the fly in live situations. The X3 Pro remains the best studio device Line6 have developed by far (in my opinion) but the dropout issues have always been there and only cause frustration if I let it. I don't lose any work in Cubase as a result of X3 pro seemingly losing it's connection but the only thing available for me to continue working is to save my work and reboot then change the asio driver back to X3 once back into Cubase. It's not ideal but the X3 Pro does not always fail, even during lengthy sessions. The X3 pro can sometimes stop delivering audio when using any program or game or stream so the problem of audio dropout does not appear to be isolated to X3 Live alone. Over the years I think I've used every USB port and a few versions and reinstalls of windows. Currently using Windows 7 64. Windows 8 just ain't gonna happen. It is usable? Yes, probably 95% plus reliable, just not quite perfect. But like I said, It's the best kit there is for what it does.
  11. I own and still play a Vetta 1 and a DT50 head and 4x12. But still I like to gig with a Solid State Sessionette 75. It sounds fantastic to me and while there isn't a valve in sight it sounds as sweet as any tube amp I have ever heard. It really is all to do with the transformer and high efficiency speaker interaction which this amp has albeit the Sessionette has been Retro upgraded by the original inventor Mr Stewart Ward himself. DT50 is a crackin amp but lives in my garage.
  12. I see how you could be confused. I am hooked up via the Line 6 Link and that is the whole aim of this excercise. To program the DT50 then midi cables are required and disconnection of the L6Link while I do so. Pain but necessary.
  13. Update to the reverb issue. My findings~: Both PodHD500 and DT50 head are programmed with exactly the same reverb. I sent all cc messages from HD500 to DT for each of the reverb parameters. With the HD there is a little tone sapping but not much and appears to my ears to enshrine the whole guitar sound with reverb. With the DT, the tonal aspect of the reverb is exactly the same however, the reverb almost seems additive and sounds like some of the natural sound of the guitar is pushing through, maintaining tone. So, I maxed out the reverb mix on both and sure enough you can actually hear a big difference between the two in what I have just said above. My preference is the DT50 reverb but that's the only one I'm stuck with in a live setting unless I spend some serious time programming the HD500 with midi presets just to change reverb settings on the amp. In my view, reverb is just a nice effect to have subtley in the background and not which should be too bold and open to scutiny anyway. So that closes the chapter on reverb. If anyone wishes to continue to comment with any aspect of my findings then please feel free. Next stop, tone. I'll be looking for that nice clean tone that doesn't sound weak and feeble but has a glassy tone suitable for strat and paul guitars. Any suggestions regarding which amp model people prefer would be useful along with suggested amp settings.
  14. I left it a bit late to reprogram the reverb in the DT50 head but its done. The parameters are exactly the same as in the PodHD500 for the reverb. Problem now is I can't play it any louder than whisper quiet to compare the sound of reverb from amp to Pod. I'll crank it in the morning.
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