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  1. Bump! Sorry can't help with the size, but Line 6 should have used bigger screws on the bottom than those tiny things.
  2. I use the "Low and High Cut" in an unswitched block in my bass presets, usually just a low cut at around 40 Hz. So far I have one in every preset at the end of the chain. Seems to work good, hope this helps.
  3. Before the 2.82 update I could never get HX Edit to work with the HXFX on Windows 7 (it would always say "no device connected") and I tried everything after every update. But with version 2.82 it's now working great! I'm not sure what you did? But I just wanted to say Thank You to the line 6 people!!!!!
  4. Version 1 - Under the board - Version 2 - :)
  5. Really like this, looks killer! Who made the board itself?
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