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  1. I've seen and heard the AmpliFire...it was at last year's NAMM too. Yea it's compact and pretty cool. Any better than the HD500x? It has it's pros and cons. Good amp modeling, solid standard effects, IR capability...but no expression pedal, limited in turning stuff off & on, which means the extra expenditure of an fcb1010 or other suitable midi pedal. Sure, it's new and everyone will be buzzing about it for a minute. As good as Fractal or Kemper, not a chance. Better than the HD500x, I think they're both on the same playing field in price point. If Line 6 would ever fix their glitches, i.e. volume boost when using the analog chorus, unusable lag when switching patches, eq in decibels (which to date still doesn't bother me...use your ears, not your eyes, when dialing in your tones and effects), tweak the effects to be a little more competitive, and the unit would be above. Looking forward to seeing what else is going to be offered this year. Though truth be told, since I've had my AxeFx XL, I've really had no GAS. Now guitars, that's another story :) Always room for one more!
  2. I've been reading this thread for quite a while and still find it amusing. It's been said many times over, when you purchased the hdxxxx, it was purchased with what it came with and performs exceptionally well for the price point. The updates and fixes were a bonus, as will any future updates or added features be. It's like complaining because your BOSS metal zone pedal hasn't come with any updates in the past ten years, yet it still does the same thing it was intended to do. If you're truly that ticked off, then save your pennies like the guy above this post did and get another product. I'm fortunate enough to have an AxeFx XL, Kemper, and recently the pod hd500x (again). I've been using line 6 products in my rig and in the studio for many years and have been mostly satisfied with the gear. Is the pod hd as powerful, versatile, and luxurious as the Fractal or Kemper? Well no, but it can be pretty close and definitely not nearly as expensive. In a live mix, the general public would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Get a sound engineer who knows his craft and in a recording session, he could make a hd500 (or an old marshall avt for that matter) sound like gold. Point I'm getting at is the continuous complaining and berating isn't going to make Line 6 push out updates prematurely, nor is it going to make you sound any better. Learn your equipment, hone your craft, and make the best of what you have. You get what you pay for and for the money spent, I'd say we got a pretty damn good deal. And fwiw, the Fractal beats the toaster....but that's a topic for a different board. Keep rockin and look forward to 2015! See you at NAMM!
  3. Looks like the deal is over here in the States too. It now shows the regular $499 price. Glad I got in on it. It was one of GC's "Flash Deals"
  4. At that price, I had to order one. Guess I'm back in the pod hd club again. :)
  5. When I had the pod hd pro x, I ran it into the effects return of my Mesa head and rig. Of course turned any cab sim off. It sounded great! Just couldn't get past the delay when switching patches, so I went with another real expensive black box that rhymes with Hacks FX. Two totally different units, I'm not even going to go there. But for the under $1000 price tag, nothing on the market is better than the POD HD series and their wireless units!
  6. Dino334

    Patch Change Delay

    Thanks. I'll give that a try.
  7. I'm experiencing the same thing with my newly acquired 500x. Not used to this "lag" with my midi rack using my g force or g major 2. And not to bag on the pod, but the digitech, 11r, and axe fx don't have that lag. If this is just "the way it is" with this unit, then it'll probably go back to MF/GC and I'll have to pony up for a fractal. It's just not conducive to live playing in a rig.
  8. What's the deal with the time in between the patch changes? For instance, I have 1A as a rock tone, 1B rock tone with chorus, 1C rock tone with phaser, and 1D clean. All the same amp models and settings on each patch, but even with the unit not hooked up to the editor, there's about a half second delay in between changing patches. Is there a work around or a fix? Not good for a live setting. If not, as much as I like the tones I'm getting from this unit, it just might be heading back. Thanks.
  9. Dino334

    Out Of Stock?

    I've noticed Sweetwater, GC, and Musicians Friend are out of stock for the HD ProX, as well as having short or no supply of the FBV MKii. I'd be willing to guess the FBV is getting a facelift to match the current PODs Wonder why there's a shortage for the rack units though. Any thoughts or conspiracy reports?
  10. Dino334

    Return To The Pod

    Ok...so I got the ProX, toyed with it for a few days, 4cm, and it just sucked the life out of my rig. This after reading countless posts on how to make it sound great with 4cm. So I sent it back, got an RP1000, and was beyond disappointed. That went back even quicker. Still needed an interface to record with, not wanting to shell out 3 grand for an axe fx (I've already spent enough with my rig, to include a couple of Mesa heads, a 6505+, evh 5153, and many rack pieces) so I opted one more time with the POD HD, this time the 500X. And all I have to say is WOW! 4cm works like a charm, the tones I am able to get are killer, and I was able to damn near mimic my Mesa tone using the 500x direct into my loop. Still not a true tube tone and a hint of digital/sterile sound, but awesome in its own right. Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this unit! I'm working on recreating my 5153 sound and the flexibility of running it into my rig will pay for its weight in gold. Not sure if I got a busted hd prox or if something just clicked, but I'm loving this thing. Anyway, just wanted to drop my 2 cents in here on the pod hd 500x. It's definitely not a toy or a kid's modeler.
  11. Lmao!!!! Now that was funny!!!! And true!
  12. Wow.... people complain when they don't hear from Line 6 and when Line 6 does chime in to make a suggestion, it's followed by a smart a$$ comment. They can't win here.
  13. Dino334

    Return To The Pod

    I've been a line 6 users off and on for several years. I currently have the g90 and m9 in my rack system, among other things, but use Mesa exclusively for my sound. My other guitarist uses fractal, which is very cool, but in all honesty in the live situation, it is apples and oranges against my rig. The real thing just seems to have something more (thank you Mesa) and can't hold up against mine. With that being said, the x3 was my favorite modeller and I briefly had a hd500. Well, tomorrow my hd prox is set to arrive. I'm looking forward to incorporating it into my rig, 4cm, and to have a lot of tools and amp sims at my disposal. Just wanted to say I'm pretty stoked and happy to return to the pod family. I wasn't impressed with the axe fx for its cost and am really looking forward to making some great tones and tunes with the prox!
  14. Got a question for a pod user. I know the pod hd's won't allow separate signal output paths, I.e. 1/4 to my amp with no model and cab sim, and the model & cab sim to the foh via xlr, but if I were to use the 4cm and use the preamp sound of my Mesa or 5153, connect to foh with xlr using only a few effects and no amp model or sim from the pod hd, would the xlr feed just be a blank clean sound from the pod or would it also include my amp tone too? This may be the deciding factor on whether to pick a pod hdproX or just spend the coin on a fractal. Thanks everyone!
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