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  1. Hi guys. I downloaded POD but it didn't make any difference. I haven't used it since June, but from what I remember I forgot to do something I should have done. My advice is to keep going over everything you're supposed to do until you find what you haven't done yet. Sorry I can't be of more help, but all my gear is still packed away since we moved house. Cheers.
  2. Downloaded POD Farm 1.12 (not POD Farm 2), but it still doesn't recognise the UX2 - "No authorised device connected". When I open Monkey, it also says "no devices deteced" and the only option I have to choose from is PODxt. What now?
  3. I haven't used the UX2 for over a year. I have a new Mac and use Garageband. I have downloaded everything new that I can from the Line6 site - Gearbox, Monkey, drivers. Admittedly, I don't really know what Monkey or drivers means, but I've installed everything that I can and tried to follow instructions. No luck. The UX2 red lights are now solid, not flashing, but no sound comes through. Gearbox doesn't recognise it - there is a flashing usb plug symbol. Garageband doesn't recognise it - there's no options for it in the Preferences. Can anyone help? Cheers, Rasjad
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