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  1. Are you suggesting there is a CC for volume that is not EXP-1 or EXP-2? If so, where would I find that? Looked in the Advanced Manual, but didn't see it. If by "programming" you mean writing code, no, I'm not that guy. If it was perl, maybe. :-)
  2. I'm using MIDI control rather than a floorboard. Is there a way to have more than 2 EXP pedals? I'd like to have (like I did with my original POD) one for volume, one for wah, one for fading echo or reverb in/out, etc. Can I do that?
  3. Also new guy here. The Pro X is like having about 100 stomp boxes and dozens of amplifers. If you try to take them all in at once, you'll go nutz. My suggestion: 1) Get the HD Pro X Edit software 2) Walk through the set lists, try the sounds. Don't do too many at once, your ears will fade out. 3) When you find a sound you like (for whatever reason: good tone, cool effect, whatever) copy it to the User 1 bank. 4) Once you have several sounds you like, start messing with them (in User 1, that way you don't lose the original): change the effects, change the drive on the amp, tweak it. After a while, you'll find which amps & effects you like and which you don't, have some idea how to muck with the sounds, start getting comfortable with bits here & there.
  4. It looks to me like your FC-300 is sending a Bank Change message with value of 0. That will bring up the first "Set List" (I hate that name). I don't know the FC-300, so I can't advise on how to change it. Alternative solution (if you have HD PRO X Edit) is to save the "Best of" set list, then load your preferred set list into that first slot. (From the "C" appendix of the Advanced User Guide) Load Set List: from your MIDI controller device, send a Bank Change CC0 (Bank MSB), CC32 (LSB) message with a value of 0 (for Setlist 1), 1 (for Setlist 2), etc., followed by a Program Change message (Value 0-63 for Preset 01A - 16D) for the desired Preset within the Set List. The Set List and Preset are loaded on POD HD Pro X.
  5. I have an original Pod Pro. Is that the same as a Pod 2? I've got the software, installed on my Win10 laptop, got the Midisport 4x4 plugged in, no joy. Edit says it can't connect to the Pod. I set the MIDI channel to 1, I see the lights flashing on the Midisport when I try "refresh," I've tried different cables...still nothin'. Any suggestions?
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