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  1. I have the same thing going on. I opened a Support Ticket on Thursday...still waiting for a solution.
  2. I was having the same issues, but it was because my Helix was at 2.81 and Edit was 2.80. After I upgraded Edit, everything was fine.
  3. Just heard from Support; they were able to reproduce the issue, and have referred it as a bug.
  4. Sorry; bypassing all effects, amps, and cabs.
  5. The last Block in the signal line turns off; anyone else notice this happening after upgrading to v2.54? It happens after a Restore, followed by power off, and back on again. The system goes through the "rebuilding Presets" process. Once complete, select a custom Preset with Snapshots, everything looks normal UNTIL you change Snapshot, THEN the last Block turns off, and will REMAIN off for all the Snapshots in that Preset. Every Preset, with Snapshots, is now affected after the Restore. You must literally go through, and re-save every Snapshot in every Preset.
  6. georgeseth

    Aux In Routing

    Can the AUX in be routed as a pass through?
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