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  1. MIDI editor on iPad for DT amplifier. On top, you can save presets... http://mididesigner.com/qa/4985/line6-dt50-layout-mdp2
  2. If you are an iPad user, I strongly suggest this one. You can save presets if you want. http://mididesigner.com/qa/4985/line6-dt50-layout-mdp2
  3. For those who don't have HD500/400/300, just in case you need MIDI controller for your DT50: http://mididesigner.com/qa/4985/line6-dt50-layout-mdp2
  4. Maybe a little bit late on posting this but check what I designed to control my DT50 http://mididesigner.com/qa/4985/line6-dt50-layout-mdp2
  5. Layout based on new MDP2 t control DT50: http://mididesigner.com/qa/4985/line6-dt50-layout-mdp2
  6. Hi, Answer is YES. In fact MIDI Designer lets you design controls to behave the way you want, so a single control can trigger 2 (or more) sub-controls to control as many MIDI compatible devices as you want. Each sub-control sends its own CC message to its own MIDI channel (each device must be on different MIDI Channel). No conflict, full power. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination. This is a real powerful tool. I'm not using this mode (1 control ==> Many devices at once) because I hate to have to create many presets on HD500 with same basic amp model hence having "almost the same setup" repeated many times. Instead, I split devices purpose based on what they are the best at (modelling, effects, etc.). POD HD500: Selecting AMP models on my DT50. Also, this allows me to run a single AES/BUI to the amp, hence reducing number of instrument cables between all my gears (POD HD being responsible to route audio signal to the amp) which is appreciated on stage :-) NOVA SYSTEM: Since I don't use effects on POD (not as good as on TC Devices), all effects are triggered on this baby. NOVA DRIVE: Full analog OD/DIST and MIDI compatible. Used with "clean amp type (e.g. TWIN, DR-Z, etc.). GR55: Guitar models and types (Acoustic VS Electric) mainly when using alternate tuning. Guitar output is sent to POD HD500 via A/B Box used to select standard guitar source (e.g. my Schecter) OR guitar modelling signal coming from GR55. Not shown on diagram, I also have a second A/B Box to route acoustic signal to consol as AC sounds awful in normal guitar amp. SYNTH OUT is also route to console for the same reason. So, for example: I want to play BLACK SEA from The Tea Party: Godin LGXT via GR55 I select Les Paul in OPEN tuning mode (BLACK SEA is played in OPEN D). Fore sure, A/B Box is set to GR55 as source. I select ENGL 55 as AMP model (doing this, the DT50 will configure its analog components to fit this configuration), Why 55 you ask? Because Drive is set to 55% :-) I select DYN DELAY HARMONY D on NOVA System since I have to use "D Minor Harmony during the second part of the solo. For another alternate tuning song, let say in DADGAD (Kashmir...) I can simply change GR55 preset by selecting Les Paul DADGAD without having to change anything else on other devices and simply not trigger Harmony on NOVA SYSTEM.
  7. Cleaner? If you mean "clean"as all notes sound more natural, I would say yes. If you mean "clean" as heavy sounds do not sound as fat as with Celestion: think again! With Celestion, all my presets sounded "correct" but I always felt as if something was missing, never being able to put my finger on it. That's when I plugged my DT50 in 4X12 Eminence CAB that I knew what I was looking for. Clean presets (Blackface, Twin, VOX) sound more natural with more buttom and high notes not being lost (lack of power). When I pluck a chord with clean preset, it really sounds full, not weak as with Celestion. Now when switching to more aggressive presets like Treadplate, J800, Ubershall and other rock monsters (or using overdrive/disto pedal) that's where you can hear the real difference. It's a real wall of sounds that is coming out of my amp, not only "aggressive" sound as with Celestion. I use many alternate tuning (thanks to Godin and GR55, I can switch to any alternate tuning at a flip of a switch :-) ) and playing song in Open D with Eminence moves a lot of air while with Celestion, it sounded more like if I had a bag of marshmallow if front of the amp. For sure 4X12 will always sound plentiful compared to 2X12 but as I mentioned in previous post, just to make sure, I replaced 2X12 Celestion by 2X12 Eminence in my DT50 and it makes a big difference... for me. But at the end, Celestion, Eminence or any other serious brand, pick the sound that fits your taste. Celestion produces real good stuff (be sure not to buy Chinese version ...) and will please many musicians but I personally prefer what Eminence did for me in my setup. By the way, if you want to take a look at my setup: http://mididesigner.com/qa/3037/layout-for-podhd500-dt50-nova-system-nova-drive-gr55?show=3037#q3037
  8. Just plugged my DT50-212 in 4X12 RED COAT EMINENCE cab (I unplugged 2X12 DT50 212 Celestion cable). What a difference in global attack and sound (at any level). Compared to EMINENCE, Celestion set sounds "weak" and without warm soul compared to Eminence, even in "modelling mode" (master volume control pulled out). I switched both Celestion speakers for 2 Eminence (Red Coat) in DT and I can really hear the difference, again at any level. So the difference is not only because of 4X12 compared to 2X12 but Eminence really makes a big difference even in 2X12 configuration.
  9. fdesnoyers

    Helix FAQ

    Helix: No tight integration with DT amps? Line6: be serious, it's a major step backward to what we experience with HD500/DT integration. Line6 users invested lot in HD/DT integration and now you're just say: "Yeah, maybe one day with Helix..." If I have to give up Helix/DT Integration because I lose features, I'll switch to Fractal or TC solutions as they do not require to scrap all I've built for years. I LOVE DT amps and I'll keep it for sure, but there is no way I'll go for Helix id it doesn't integrate TIGHTLY with DT amp series. Please respect users loyalty by making sure we can leverage what we invested...
  10. In fact, MIDI Designer is an application that lets you design your own MIDI Interface to control any MIDI compatible device or application (like DAW). I used Line6 documentation (DT AMP MIDI implementation and POD HD500 MIDI Implementation (APPENDIX "B")and created controls that send MIDI messages. MIDI Designer community is continually building and maintaining layouts that you can download if you don't want to go through the whole design process. I'm about to post a new layout that allow user to build presets with their DT AMP based on ALL controls (even hidden controls) and recall them by simply pressing a button. If, like I do, you are using HD500 paired with DT AMP, you can download the layout for controling HD500. I also cerated a control that allows me to recall any preset in any bank just by pressing a button (very handy in LIVE environment). You don'y have to modifiy the layout do program the LIVE PRESET list control as it is designed to be used "as is". Layout posted on MD Q&A Community includes both HD500 and DT50 controls. If you want to give it a try, just install MD Designer Lite (Free), upload layout and play with it. If you like it, you can upgrade to MD Designer Pro. If you need any help regarding MD or layout, feel free to post request, I'll be pleased to help you.
  11. I noticed that using Voicing III makes my DT very noisy (mainly with Treadplate Pre-amp modeling). I also noticed that setting "Negative Feedback" to anything else than "Zero" removes the noise while keeping the punch of the voicing. Unfortunately, I cannot tweak voicing "hidden parameters" using HD500 Edit software. It would be great since I cannot use MIDI controler AND HD500 at the same time with my DT amp. It looks like when L6 Link is connected at the back ot the AMP, MIDI port become disabled and any MIDI message sent to the AMP is not processed. I built my own IOS inteface to control both my DT amp and HD500 but only POD HD500 reacts to MIDI messages when both devices are in use...
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