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  1. Me, too... This is not acceptable. My unit is dead. C'mon Line6. You need to do better than this.
  2. I'm having the problem with the Godin and the G10s as well. I believe it is because the bolt that holds the 1/4" jack in the guitar has a rounded, rather than flat, head (see attached photo) . Therefore, the tiny mute switch on the g10 transmitter does not get depressed when it's inserted into the guitar. I'd love to have a solution to this. Right now, the only thing I can think of is to replace the bolt on the Godin. Bummer... Anybody found an explanation or a work-around? Thanks, Tom
  3. So, last night I'm playing to a sold-out 2500 seat theater. I'm the lead in The Who's rock opera, "Tommy." It's the encore and the audience is all on their feet and cheering. I begin Pinball Wizard and... CRASH. I'm sending this back once the show is over. The Firehawk FX is not ready for primetime. Tom
  4. tomwa

    Load error 21

    I'm getting the 21 error, too. In October 2016. Any fixes yet? I have a huge gig coming up. Thanks!
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