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    HX Stomp FAQ

    6 blocks for each path ,or 6 blocks total?
  2. Sorry for my poor English Helix has so many physical inputs and outs,but its routing options are far too limited, unlike other professional audio interfaces which can basically route any input to any output 。Now if I want to use helix to play programmed samples or to create a monitor mix to feed my IEM,it is impossible to do that without taking up a processing path(but we have two guitarists each take up a path ),and the routing would change if you switch presets。I wish helix could come up with a dedicate routing mixer section,routing statues can be global regardless of preset change,so we can take full advantage of these physical inputs and outs。This functionality would allow us to ditch our audio interfaces and really simplify our live rigs! I also put this in ideascale https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/911447
  3. More versatile routing as audio interface https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/911447
  4. I wish this feature would be available in next version
  5. a template for FBV3 (and FBV2 express mk2)+1
  6. Is it possible to automate presets change in helix native?How? Is it possible using midi control pedal to change presets in helix native?
  7. How to use FBV to change presets in helix native? thanksï¼
  8. mingyi

    Helix FAQ

    I'd like to know the input impedance of return 1&2
  9. mingyi

    Helix LT FAQ

    I'd like to know the input impedance of return 1&2
  10. Can anyone who own a variax standard tell me its E-E String spacing at bridge? Thanks! Also, I assume the scale length is 25.5 inch, right ?
  11. mingyi

    Helix FAQ

    USB digital reamping, can you explain this in detail? thanks
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