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  1. alright i fix it: the problem was i open new track in Mono that why it give me one out-put now i get it in stereo mode it give both output... thanks for helping
  2. ok i figure out something very important: the presets on the pod farm are made with both balance left and right out-put, therfore when i run it on cubase it only shows up one out-put... so i ask anybody that can help on that. i attach pictures bellow for better explaination.
  3. no there was no plug-ins or any setting before i just install both cubase and pod farm. also recentlly i instal guitar rig and amplitube metal same problem happen
  4. i add the pod farm plug-in copying the dll file to cubase VST folder and i open new empty track that mean no other effects or any adjustement that what confusing me. also what the other routing in cubase???
  5. hello everybody i purchase a Line 6 POD Studio UX2 and it work fine with cubase 7 element. when i run POD Farm 2 only it sound perfect but when i open it as a plugin on cubase it sound deffirent and less stronger effects... can anyone help me with that problem plz?? thanks
  6. i agree with you. all for x 3 live
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