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  1. Hi Marcos, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you with some patches to try. Here are the 3 I most commonly use (Vox AC30 generic U2-style worship tone, one for Rhythm work, one for a heavy reverb, heavy delay (called my worship tone) and one for pads). As I said, I just switch out the amp and in my different banks and turn on/off effects to achieve different tones in my different banks. These have served me well, please let me know if you want any of my other banks. I have done some 3 other banks of Fender amps, two others with Marshall amps). Here they are for you: Rhythm - http://line6.com/customtone/tone/582863/ Worship - http://line6.com/customtone/tone/582866/ Drone Patch - http://line6.com/customtone/tone/582900/ Hope this helps, feel free to post me any comments. If you feel they are worthy of any donation that you were offering, would be appreciated, if not don't worry. Chris
  2. Hi, My name is Chris. I've been using Line 6 PODs for 5-6yrs. Its all about your personal guitar style and what kind of sounds you are looking to get. Its all about also how you like to use analog pedals too. I could share you some of my tones, but you really can't beat learning to tweak and find sounds you like yourself. I like styles like Hillsong/Jesus Culture/SRV/John Mayer/U2 and the tones I have are based around those styles. I run 3 main patches and from bank to bank just change the amp, thereby changing the style of the patch. (1. Rhythm, 2. Worship (some ambience and long delays), 3. Volume swells). I have a JHS Morning Glory which compresses and drives which goes before the POD HD500, -> Red Comp which are both always on then depending on the heaviness of the tone I want, I have a tube screamer and a classic distortion going into the front of an amp, then usually one delay out of 3 delays (sometimes stacking them, depending on how much delay the sound I want needs). To turn any tone into a lead tone, I have a EX-1 which turns up the drive of the amp and I turn on all the drive pedals. The only difference between my rhythm patch and my worship patch is I use a Cave Reverb and longer delays with more mix. Then my Volume Swell patch uses a particle verb instead of a cave reverb. Bottom line is, you really can't substitute time messing around with the POD to see what sounds you like. I try and copy artists styles and try and adapt them to my own playing style. I hope this has helped. Any questions please ask and let me know if you'd like to see one of my patches. Chris
  3. Hi, I've scoured the forums on this and I can't seem to find all the answers to my questions. I'm interested in doing a neck transplant for my JTV-69, its one of the earliest stock of the korean versions so it does have some issues with the neck. Its now out of warranty, so I am looking to make some improvements to the hardware but I don't want to effect the technology. I'm looking to replace with a standard fender neck but the ones I can find on ebay in the UK (which are sparse as I don't want to spend 000s on a new neck. One replacement neck I am looking at now has 21 frets whereas the standard neck on the 69 has 22. Does anyone know if you can transplant a 21 fret neck onto the jtv-69? Also I am interested in turning my HSS into an SSS, probably replacing all the pickups, if anyone has had any experience of this I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance. Chris
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