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  1. Hey Jason. That website is da bomb my friend. I really appreciate it. I'll take some time to digest it all. Much appreciated!
  2. Hey Chris. Thanks for posting your patches. I'll check them out as soon as I get a change an dill be in touch. Thanks man.
  3. Hi Chris. Sure man, I'd love to check out your patches if possible. Right now, believe it or not, out of frustration I decided to change the input setting to "studio/direct" and instead of messing with 4 cable methods and using my amp's pre amp I'm just going straight into my Carvin V3's input (clean channel). The amp modeling patches I'm using actually sound pretty darn sick. I'm doing the same as you essentially. For worship I'll be running a Lincoln Brewsterish clean with a bit of grit and I'm adding distortion and overdrive to fatten the sound via assigned FS1 & FS2. I tweaked a swell patch which is working ok. A .8th U2ish sound (I just need to figure out why the tap tempo isn't working) and a clean patch with options to add overdrive. What I have for now actually sounds really good, especially for just plugging right I to the front of my amp. But again, I'd love to upload your tones and try tem out. I really appreciate it brother. Thanks!
  4. What would the nuance here be if instead of the Vox amp mod I was using my own amp (4CM). I'm resorting to trying to use amp now since plugging the pod straight into the mixer/PA sounds disastrous...
  5. I'm on the same boat dude. I owned an XT which I had phenomenal patches. Then I got a bunch of individual pedals that drove me nuts after a while. I bought a G-System which took me 30 days of researching and reading to finally make it work. So I got tired of how complex it was and now I'm back again to Line 6, now with the 500X. I'm hugely disappointed since the 500X is now as complex as the G-System. We want simplicity and a few great basic tones but companies insist on complexity and ultra versatility which aren't ever used to 10% of its full potential. Your 500x can easily do the ambient stuff you posted, I just don't know how. If you read enough to become a gear head geek and tweak your reverb and delay effects to oblivion, I'm sure you'll come up with even better ambient stuff. It's just that you'll have to invest a lot of flipping time to decipher this massively complex unit and understand how to put pedals together. Also, keep in mind how you're connecting your pod 4CM, 2CM etc. and where (pa/mixer, front of amp, pre-amp). Make sure your POD universal settings are correct. Then take it from there. If I run across some nice ambient patches I'll post them here. Here's one to get you started: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IFAiJx_t9pQ
  6. I watched Lincoln Brewster play live. Just his HD500 into a mixer/PA. It sounds amazing: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BkT4tLiH32M He made his HD500 patches available but on the 500x it sounds like caca: http://www.lincolnbrewster.com/podpatches/Lincoln_Brewster_Main_2012.h5e.zip http://www.lincolnbrewster.com/podpatches/Lincoln_Brewster_Swell_2012.h5e.zip Does anybody have great/similar sounding patches made specifically to have your HD500x go straight into a mixer/PA? I'm looking for a nice clean, rhythm crunch and lead distortion patches but everything I've tried so far sounds horrible... My second option was to plug my HD500x into my Carvin V3 half stack 100W tube amp. Use the Pod to do the Midi channel switching via 4CM, as I'd assign each patch to a channel at my amp (but I have no clue how to do that on the Pod). I'd be willing to even pay someone to create 3 basic patches for me, so the effects are done properly before and after the pre-amp: • A true bypass assigned to my Carvin's channel 3 with reverb, a little compression, and basic delay (on/off) option only for clean rhythm and picking. • A reverb, sustain + delay quarter note tap tempo, 8th note tap tempo, and .8th tap tempo; that I'd assign to my crunch channel 2 for swells and ambient stuff. If you can't have 3 on/off delay here, then I'd move the .8th into clean channel 3 above. • A reverb, compression + delay patch I'd assign to my (distortion) channel 1 for lead solo and hard rhythm + a pod amp modeler or overdrive pedal to add some distortion oomph I've heard and seen people who've figured out a way to do it on YouTube. But they just play and don't share... It's very frustrating since Line6 manuals talk about everything except what we want done ha ha ha...
  7. I'm sorry for being too slow but I own a Carvin V3 half stack with a serial loop and MIDI capability. So does this mean I could assign each patch of the Hd500X to change between my 3 amp channels? Ps: I did this Midi amp channel switching with my TC Electronic G-System (which was even more complex to use than this HD500...
  8. Thanks for the answers but I'm still at a loss... And more importantly, I haven't even been able to figure out the difference between a "set list" and a "bundle." Or how to load all individual patches I downloaded from the custom tone website into my Pod at once... These factory instructions absolutely suck!!!
  9. I've been trying to figure out how exactly to do this "drag and drop" function. I use a PC. I have the 500 files in a folder. And the 500x files in another. I can open (by selecting from "Open" in the Edit software) and open any .5xe extension but any time I load an .h5e from the 500 it doesn't open. And how could I "drag & drop" if this is seemingly the only way Line 6 instructed to open files in the manual?
  10. Ãœber Guru, I think I better return this 500HD ha ha ha. I can't get my Edit software to do what you just said it does... When I click on a HD500 patch, it doesn't even load...
  11. If I drag and drop, this won't "delete" but instead, it just moved the original patch. How do I completely get rid of a patch for good?
  12. Am I the only dogdamn retard who can't convert files from the 500 to the 500x, even with this converter? When I click "browse" and I select the folder with all the .h5e files, not one of them show... Anybody else having this problem or know the solution?
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