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  1. As a new user of Helix, I`m really glad that Line 6 has focused the new update on bass players... I think that it was something that the Helix was really lacking in the past... I`m also looking forward to playing with the new Badonk amp... I`ve had the Helix for a month and I`d love you people to develop a model of the Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone or a Line 6 Original Phaser not as subtle as the Script Mod Phaser... I have to plug my own Boss PH-3 in the fx return in order to get those wacky psychodelic sounds I love so much... As far as I can tell, the Deluxe Phaser is not up to the other effects quality, just sounds very weird in an awful way... That`s the only thing missing from the Helix to be called an awesome product... And bring please the Dimension Chorus... That would be a great improvement... Good job Line 6 with the steady and solid updating scheme... I`ve been a customer since POD X3 and bought every new modeling product since... And I can say that I never felt totally dissapointed.
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