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  1. Mmm... I don`t mean to ruin all the fun with the audio samples posted... but... Isn`t this thread supposed to be addressing the firmware update? No guesses on the incoming effects? What happened to this loving crowd hoping for new distortions, phasers, feedbacker, and so forth? Where the love gone?
  2. Badonk sounds really nice with dual cabs and post eq... but I`m still hoping for the EVH 5150 III, the Diezels and the Randalls... Definitely a go-to amp when I play my seven string guitars...
  3. Dear DI... are we allowed to start the guessing game on this forum considering that it already has on the TGP? There are a couple guys who risked saying the EVH 5150 III is coming after that freudian slip you made during the interview with Eric of the Helix Hour show... As well as a couple new HX reverbs and the two amp models announced in the 2.50 firmware update remaining... Do we have your blessing? Please don´t get snarky... I´m just an anxious fan of Line 6´s work... Thanks for everything you guys do in order to improve the Helix... in advance.
  4. BAmartin

    What's next?

    I'd truly like the HX Amp head with a tube poweramp with USB and Bluetooth pairing to create patches from a tablet or cellphone with Android... And the matching cabs in order to make my neighbours hate me... I know it'll be coming in the next five years... Just about now I'm looking forward to seeing more amps and effects with each firmware update and compete head-to-head with Fractal regarding availability and sound quality.
  5. True. DI said 2.6 is on Beta... Let the Man speak for himself to clear any doubts.
  6. 45:28 in the Helix Hour show Eric said specifically something about trying the OCD pedal with the EVH... I guess his subconcious betrayed him there and revealed more than he was supposed to... Hahahaha... Maybe the sound engineers and modeling team are cooking up the High Gain Monsters we metalheads have been waiting for so long... It doesn´t necessarily have to be in the 2.6 firmware... But I´m gonna quit the guessing drama because DI gets snarky when speculations rise up and I don´t want that to happen because he´s a great guy... Looking forward to 2.6
  7. I´ve been telling this very same thing to all of the users but nobody seemed to care considering I´m nobody in the music scene. Hahaha. I believe that Phasers are the biggest flaw and source of major dissapointment in the Helix as of nowadays. Ever since the introduction of the Legacy models there has been an improvement... nonetheless I still believe that there´s no real HX Phaser yet... I won´t even mention the quality of the "un"Deluxe Phaser... I´d love to see a Roland Jet Phaser or an EHX Small Stone modeled... Or maybe just fix the Deluxe Phaser to sound better... The Panned Phaser is my go to Phaser... And the Legacy Phaser has to be set at least in the 12 Stage mode to get a nice warm psychodelic vibe... I still have my Boss PH3... And I´m definitely keeping it for good... Takes me away to that special place... Don´t care what everyone says about it being "artificial", "over the top" or plain unusable "sh*t". So let the good phasing times roll. My humble two cents on that topic.
  8. Dear forum:Have you noticed that the Legacy effects have sort of a volume dropout and unpleaseant tonesuck which gets rid of the overall tone "liveliness"? I tried placing the Kinky Boost after the Legacy phasers and the Dimension D with low distortion, and both Boost and Bright switches on... Voilá! A world of difference!!!! Have you guys tried this as well? Sounds a lot better than just increasing the "level" knob available in every legacy model... What y`all think? Just my two cents.
  9. Considering the scarce availability of Phasers in the Helix prior to 2.50 firmware... I`m considering building myself something like that and save some electric power. p.s: This is only to push DI into saying something new... hahaha
  10. I´d definitely buy a Helix "Firehawk" amp model with a tube power amp section and FRFR... So count me in I´ll be investing more money into Line 6. I was never let down by your company and I´m a regular customer since the Pod X3... Keep improving the quality of your products and availability of models and I´ll be happy to spend my hard earned money on them... Keep up the good work!!! And bring the high gain metal monsters!!! Hahahaha
  11. I`m looking forward to hearing once again from Dimension D, all the Phasers (I believe the Deluxe Phaser in Helix has NO DELUXE QUALITY AT ALL), the MT2, and of course the new reverbs. The Friedman amp sounds quite promising. Keep up the good work guys!!!
  12. plumber, on 26 Jan 2018 - 05:55 AM, said: They do. Dear DI... would you be so kind to give any details about this "improvement" as to the extent of it? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hahaha... My comment was not aimed at you dear Silverhead... I wouldn`t like to speak on behalf of the metalheads using the Helix out there, but I do know that many of them will agree that during the last updates the Line 6 team has put the mid-gain boutique amps as top priority and left us with the will to see some more high gain monsters which were included in the POD X3 such as the Diezels and the Bogners... There was an old wanker who made fun of a comment I posted saying he was more tired of reading about the Helix not doing any metal than reading about the tuner`s lack of precision... I believe those comments are definitely imprudent and childish... It`s really easy to say that behind a computer screen 12,000 miles away from where I live and mock other people. But what can I say? Old wankers have to deal with the fact that they`re closer to the harp that their guitars... Hahahaha. Just a saying from where I come from. Greetings to all of those who respect the other customers paying good money in order to feel satisfied with their products. I do believe "bee-buzzer" is a fair trade for "wanker"... I`ll add "meat grinder" to the comment in order to make it sound more masculine and metal!!! Bless ya Line 6!!!! ps: The "Evil Randy" amp might be an outstanding addition to the amp modeling world for it has never been digitally reproduced...
  14. I missed the Dimension D, the Metal Zone and the Phasers... But just porting old tech to a new platform is not my cup of tea. Maybe they`ll improve some of this fx and take them to HX quality in the future. Thumbs up for the Friedman, the Lone Star and the new HX Reverbs. Hope they include the high gain monsters soon regardless of what old wankers say about that. Thanks DI for everything and looking forward to hearing from the 2.50 update soon.
  15. I`d most certainly buy a Helix 25 watt amp like the Amplifi but with some tubes in the poweramp... Of course it would have to be FRFR and bass friendly...Helix Native compatible and upgradeable via USB. Hahaha. That`d be the perfect modeling amp. By the way, 10 days for Winter NAMM... Bring da Diezels!!!
  16. I am very happy to read that you`re pretty satisfied with what`s in the unit right now... On the other hand, I`d like you be gentle enough to keep your childish remarks to yourself in order to respect other people`s opinion regarding the lack of high gain options when compared with the overbearing availability of clean and crunch amp models. There must be still some kindness in your old fashioned heart to let more Helix users join the "Satisfied Customers Club" in which you are living. You haven´t pissed anyone off, you just proved yourself that Helix`s GUI is so friendly that even an immature person like you can handle it. Warm regards for you.
  17. Hope they finally put some High Metal Monsters available in the old Pod X3 like the Diezels. Any new modulation effects like a decent sounding phaser like the Dual Phaser or the Small Stone? I believe the Deluxe Phaser has no luxury qualities at all to be called as such and the Helix is really really lacking that spot.
  18. Bummer. I thought there was an amp model missing which couldn´t make it in Firmware 2.30 that could be included in 2.50. I was personally kinda let down with 2.30 and was expecting this amp in the making could be a nice surprise. Anyways, I`m looking forward to hearing from the new reverbs and how they could improve the resonance of the existing high gain amps. Are there any new modulation effects included in 2.50, maybe those long desired Dual Phasers or that 4 Switch Chorus?
  19. Well, DI has stated in this forum that next firmware version will be 2.50 and will be presented in the Winter NAMM 2018 show held from the 25th-28th January. Therefore, it`s not very far away. According to him this will be the "controversial firmware" update and will include the new HX reverbs... I don`t quite get what will be so controversial about it, I guess there won`t be any new amps and a couple low profile effects... But what do I know? Let the man speak for himself...
  20. Agreed. Too many mid-gain amps and a couple effects used by the musicians who gig with these amps... I only like the Aguilar bass amp, the Space Echo and the Xotic Booster. Nothing else. I thought we were seeing the Diezels and the Randalls in this update. Let`s hope that the future will bring a special "High Gain Monsters" update next time... This one is really dissapointing for hard rock and metal players. The only good I see on this update is that mid-gain boutique amp fans can´t no longer whine about the lack of overrated U$S 6k gear in the Helix.
  21. It has been hinted as well (actually stated in TGP by DI) that the new 2.30 firmware is right now on Beta Testing... So... how is it doing??? Were you capable of dialing massive tones without any crashes so far?
  22. Once again... DI, you´re the man... Keep the updates on the update coming... haha.
  23. Hahahaha.... Whinny McMozart "Firmware`s Lament in C minor" Hahaha... That was very good... I`m still lamenting, though. Hahaha.
  24. I don't want to be the bad guy giving the unpleaseant news around here... But I've been checking TGP Helix Forum and it seems that the Beta Testers believe nothing will be released until December... Bummer.
  25. I guess that DI is eager to tell us what the new firmware update will deliver to us... but he`s gonna respect the NDA he signed no matter what... ;) Hope the Diezel and the Randalls make it through...
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