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  1. I`m sorry to disagree but many users consider that the amp list is not plentiful like you have stated. As seen on Ideascale, there are many upvotes regarding both clean and high gain amps to be added, as well as the need for better reverbs with HX quality... I`d love to have a Diezel VH4 and a Randall Satan at least before they shut down the amp modeling process... I`d also like a Boss HM-2 for the classic Swedish death metal sound and a decent phaser like the Small Stone or Boss PH-1. Filters are lacking as well, I agree.
  2. That`s great to hear dear DI... Are you willing to shed some light on the new 2.30 firmware update or do we have to fasten the straps in our straight jackets for a couple more weeks? It`s getting difficult to come by every week that goes by...
  3. Wonderful... now start pushing for the new 2.30 firmware update... I`m really intrigued about what the developing team has been cooking up... Hope some German high gain beasts...
  4. Phasers, anyone? Do you dear forum people believe that Helix Phasers are up to its quality and price?
  5. BAmartin

    Where is Native?

    Just to let you know that there are people higher than the original... Hahaha. Looking forward to Native and the 2.30 Update.
  6. BAmartin

    Where is Native?

    How many times have you been told that you`re definitely the Lord in this forum?? Well... just to assure... YOU`RE THE MAN x 10. Keep up the amazing work you guys do. I`m looking forward to seeing the new amps and effects... hope there`s some deutsch rocket fuel there... ;)
  7. Finally someone shares my opinion about the phasers... I like the flangers, though. The Gray and the Harmonic Flangers sound beautiful.
  8. I have already expressed my humble opinion about the Helix main flaws... Basically lacks Diezel and Randall models... But the suckiest thing is the Deluxe Phaser... Sounds like a trapped mockingbird begging to get out of the cage... Wee wee... Wee wee... And the Dynamix Flanger has a lot of parameters and it's difficult to tweak... Deluxe Phaser hands down shouldn't be in Helix... Hope the guys refurbish it someday...
  9. Dear forum people... First of all it`s great to see that I`m not the only one who is eager to see what the guys at Line 6 are cooking for the next firmware. I was afraid of being subject to endless criticism about it and told to spend more time playing rather than asking for more models and effects... On the other hand, and given the fact that the stone was already thrown by someone else... I can`t say I`m not looking forward to seeing the next 2.30 firmware as DI already told us in the 2.20 thread that Ben and Adrian were "neck-deep" modeling new amps and effects models... Although the Helix is a wonderful signal processor and multi-effects pedal, whose quality, GUI and durability are incomparable with anything else available in the market today... I do believe that its main flaws is the scarce availability of amp models and hi-end effects... Phasing is still a huge problem with only two options, and there are still a couple hi gain amps which I`d love to see included like the Diezels and the Randalls... I have also read that many of you are interested in HX Reverbs with Strymon quality... This has all been voted up in the Ideascale site, but Line 6 has been unable to provide a solution for now. Nonetheless, I agree with the general concept posted above... Let the Line 6 guys work... Everytime they deliver a new update, there`s always something interesting which improves the overall quality of the product and encourage musicians to keep buying their products to be played in front of live audiences or in te studio. Greetings to everyone out there.
  10. Before I go waste money on a Diezel VH4 or a Herbert (after buying an airplane ticket heading to Bad Stauben, Germany) and paying the shipping fees to Buenos Aires, Argentina... Is it coming in the next firmware?
  11. Hey Struckin`... that rig looks just like I`d need in my very small apartment... is the L2T room friendly in order to avoid a lawsuit from the next door neighbours? Does it sound good with bass as well? Looking forward for you answer.
  12. BAmartin

    2.20 Badonk!!

    Hahaha... I spent almost my whole Sunday playing really heavy low-end sh++ using the Line 6 Badonk... I agree, it´s almost as sweet as Coco Austin´s big bottom... Hahahaha... When combined with the Plastichorus it´s 100% Fear Factory´s Demanufacture or Zakk Wylde in No rest for the wicked!!!! Props to the guys in Line 6... Nonetheless, I still wait for the Diezels and the Randall "Evil Randy" Satan... hahaha. The Helix is on the verge of becoming an incredible awesome product with each update.
  13. Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh Booooooooyyyyyaaaaaaa!!!!!!! (Flavor Flav)
  14. BAmartin

    2.20 Party

    Oooohhhh Dayuuuuummmmnnnnn... That´s a major tease in that picture.
  15. Thanks for the update on the Helix help site... Kinda a good way to put some friendly pressure in order to get the firmware update next week... hehe ;) . On the other hand... I found that you put the Line 6 Badonk in the bass amps section... and as far as I know this amp is a Triple Rectifier with a Rivera Los Lobottom sub cab... It belongs to the guitar category, though... And you put no info regarding the modded version of the Arion SCH-Z, the Wounded Paw overdive and the Darkglass distortion... I´ve seen plenty of videos and information around... Anyway, your site is wonderful and a trully reliable source of information regarding all the models available in the Helix... Not gonna preach, not a priest... I´m also anxious to get the 2.20 update and willing to bleed my neighbours with the Line 6 Badonk. We already know from DI that there´s a 2.30 coming on its way with more models and fixes. Keep up the good work!!!!
  16. Sorry DI, I already know... I didn´t mean to be disrespectful... :( You already know you guys rock... It´s like we`re hardcore fans of you and can`t help it. Been with you since the POD X3... never looked back.
  17. Given the fact that this is taking longer than expected... why don´t we ask Line 6 for a couple more models to be included in the 2.20 firmware update? I guess that the huge delay has primarily to do with the Variax Workbench HD stuff coding... which is not even remotely interesting to those who don´t own a Variax guitar... So... who would like to join me with this new mantra???? Too damn long, we´d like to have some more Too damn long, we´d like to have some more Too damn long, we´d like to have some more... Until we finally get the update... hahahahaa. Put the Diezels and the "Evil Randy" amp models and I´ll forget about everything... I promess. Love you guys from Line 6.
  18. Lose the colombian dust, dude. It won´t help you with the anxiety... hahaha..
  19. I agree with you Bobby... the phaser options within the Helix are currently very limited... And of course the Arion SCH-Z Chorus Model, if done correctly, will be a homerun... Hope that the Line 6 Badonk melts my face down when playing Fear Factory and Cannibal Corpse stuff. But now I´m looking forward to the 2.30 next models... I hope the Diezels and the phasers will be there if we take into account their Line6scale status is rising and rising. My empathy to all the Helix users who can´t wait for the 2.20 firmware update any longer... It´s getting hard not being REALLY anxious.
  20. First of all, I´d like to thank you for your answer... I´m just a rookie in this forum and you´re the first member who took the time in order to give some feedback to my humble opinion regarding the firmware updates for the Helix. I sincerely believe that this is just a matter of limited resources and endless customer desires. There are thousands and thousands of pedals as much as millions and millions of their fans who would like to have them inside the Helix to save some space in their pedalboards, prevent some back injuries while loading and moving their gear while touring or gigging... Unfortunately, writing software and coding data in order to replicate those amps and pedals is a long, steady and human activity which needs a lot of time, brainpower and money... I´m just a guy playing at home and sometimes with friends with a lollipop Marshall DSL 15c... Hahaha... Though I know what it feels like pushing heavy 4x12 1960B Marshall cabs and lifting a JVM 410 head... It´s a drag adding a lot of external equipment, but there´s no way to add a Diezel or a Randall digital amp without buying a Fractal or a Kemper... I´d love a modern phaser different than the Deluxe Phaser... it sounds terribly bad. I already have a Boss PH-3 and tomorrow I´m getting an used EHX Bad Stone. Anyway, I believe that Line 6 is doing a very good job and has stepped up to the plate playing in the Majors with Fractal and Kemper. Your general sentiment here makes a lot of sense to me regarding modeling top notch amps and effects, especially expensive ones that would be inaccessible to many otherwise. However, I don't like packing a huge pedalboard full of extra cabling, power supply(s) and lots of additional things to go wrong. Therefor for me I prefer that as many great amps/effects, vintage and expensive (or not), be included, especially the ones that are most likely to be used. My days of carrying 4x12 Marshall stacks and 55lb pedalboards and ridiculously over-engineered PAs are I hope over. These days I minimize my rig so I welcome any model added that sounds good and is usable on the Helix. I don't know if polyphonic effects are coming to this version of the Helix or not but I think they would be a great addition, even to already existing models like the whammy and 3 Osc Synth. In general I would love to see a little bit more in the way of guitar synth capability on the Helix, at least enough to easily dial in some basic alternate instrument emulations like sax, flute, harmonica as these instruments pop up in enough solos to be incredibly useful. Not disagreeing with you, just think priorities regarding what should be modeled differ according to whether the Helix is being used primarily for studio or stage and also according to how much extra equipment the player is willing to maintain, drag along, and connect and manage at performances. With that said the Helix is certainly outfitted for optimal ease of use with external equipment and those that use it that way are probably getting the most out of it. I agree the HM-2 or a couple of good distortion effects with EQ geared towards a more metal sound would probably be a good addition.
  21. Why don´t we encourage the guys modeling at Line 6 to deal with those very expensive or discontinued things that regular Joes like us can`t afford? Asking for a POG or a Whammy DT is really selfish when you can save a couple bucks and just buy it, when compared with the 5 grand you need in order to buy a Diezel VH4 or a Herbie... Other thing with phasing... Just Two phasers (the Deluxe Phaser is the worst effect by far in the Helix with that tweety bird inside singing wee-wee with every cycle) vs. 4 Flangers vs 3 Filters vs 4 Choruses (taking into account the new Arion Stereo Chorus model, hope they nail it because it sounds awesome)... Maybe the Boss HM-2 can apply because it´s not easy to get a hold of right now... old but classic pedal... Come on guys... you just can`t have everything in a U$S 1500 multi-fx processor and expect to be updated with products you can go buy at your favourite music shop for 300 bucks or less in ebay... Summing up... more expensive guitar and bass amps with top notch quality modeling. More discontinued pedals. And that`s it.
  22. Looking forward to enjoying this update ever since it has been announced... Hope my face gets melted down with the new Line 6 Badonk... Very intrigued by the 4 OSC Generator... And excited about the new bass amps...
  23. I`d love to have a modern sounding phaser with multiple stages, depth and resonance knobs like the Boss PH 2 or a classic sounding phaser like the Bad Stone from Electro Harmonix inside the Helix... The Script Mod Phaser is just too subtle for me... and the Deluxe Phaser is definitely not up to the challenge nor is it comparable to the overall quality of the Helix` modulation effects. I always end up hooking up my Boss PH-3 in the fx loop in order to get those wacky psychedelic tones ready to funk-up the entire world... hahaha. I do not complain about the flangers or the choruses, they sound pretty decent and I was able to the tones I was looking for, for example the intro of Metallica`s "Welcome Home" or some early Van Halen`s with the flangers. I`m down with the Moog phaser as well... Only two phasers is just not enough, specially when considering Helix DSP capabilities. P.s: I`d like to have the Boss Dimension C as well... hehehe.
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