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  1. Jason Sadites' Helix tutorials really helped me in getting better sounds. There are lots of gems in all his videos that would not have occurred to me otherwise and changed the way I think when I create new patches. I definitely wouldn't give up based off of what the factory presets are showing. Hope it works out for you.
  2. I'm pretty happy with how my Helix sounds. I haven't really thought about the signal quality since I've gotten it. These mods will probably improve something, but I feel like the production of these units at this point are decent quality, for my needs at least. Any issues I have with the Helix now could probably be solved with a firmware update. I think I'll save myself some money . . .
  3. Just upvoted all 3 of them. I agree, more expression curves would be awesome. I never use the default expression curve, always switch to the 2nd one. Feels more natural, but I would love to have several options to fine tune it.
  4. When this was happening to me it was because I was using stuff on the bottom path with its input set to instrument. I set that back to default and changed the end of path A output to path 2A. That solved my issue.
  5. I personally like my Mesa Boogie 2x12 Recto cab (horizontal) and the EVH 2x12 cabs. The EVH cabs have pretty decent speakers in them.
  6. How are you liking the Helix + PS2 into a guitar cab? I'm thinking of picking up the PS2 for my Helix to run through my Mesa 2x12 Recto cab with V30's. On the fence between that or going 4CM with a 5153.
  7. What I'm hearing with the legacy version is virtually no phase cancellation / hollowing out. Like I'm getting a nice swirly phaser effect, but for the most part my signal isn't bottoming out into thin city. If anything, there's some nice volume / mid bump going on with it, which is definitely apart of the sound of the real thing. It fattens up. With the newer Script Mod Phase, the sound really thins out at a certain part of the sweep and there's somewhat of an unpleasant high end spike. I've added eq after it to tame highs . . . but I don't really remember having to tame any highs with the real deal. Even if I turn the mix to zero on the newer Helix model, there's a very noticeable difference in my guitar tone when I toggle bypass. When it's on with mix at 0, my tone is definitely 'shrinking' / 'thinning' out. It's not too bad, but it's enough for me to write off that model for now.
  8. It's a huge difference, right??? I was expecting it to be the other way around, but the legacy script slays the script mod phase. Would be awesome if L6 could address some of these weak links..
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm just surprised that to me, the legacy stuff sounds better than the newer model.
  10. I know it sounds ridiculous, since it is a PHASER, but I remember my MXR Script Phase 90 not making my sound 'hollow' at certain points in the frequency sweep. If anything, it gave some sort of boost and fattened up my sound. I don't have it anymore to compare though. Anyone have any experience with this model? I'm using the mono version through my JBL LSR308s. The Script Phase in the legacy section is getting me way closer to how I remembered the real thing. I'd really like to not have to buy another Script Phase 90. *Update* I initially had both phasers before the amp block, but I put both of them after and that has been a definite improvement. Still a little thin on the 'Script Mod Phase', but it does sound better. The legacy Script Phase is much, much fatter sounding. Also, I don't have a separate amp and cab block in this patch, so the phasers are also after the cabinet.
  11. installed on my Helix Floor without a hitch!
  12. Hey everyone! I purchased a Helix Floor a few weeks back and now I'm finally getting down to updating it to 2.54. I am running a 2015 MBP with High Sierra v10.13.3 (using Logic X for my DAW). The 1.0 Mac Driver thread seems like a graveyard with no real answers as to whether or not it is needed. So, should I also be installing that driver on my Mac? If I'm understanding correctly, all I need to do is install the latest version of HX Edit on my mac and that would be all that's needed to keep current with updates for now, correct? Or would I need to also download the current firmware as well? Thanks in advance
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