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  1. kelco

    Helix LT...Real ??

    So thats what took 2.20 so long. ;)
  2. http://www.apc.com/shop/us/en/categories/power/audio-video-solutions/av-power-conditioners-with-battery/av-power-conditioners-battery-backups/_/N-1waw8zf
  3. LOVIN' IT, FELLAS I actually have an arion in my pedal rig - I cant get very close to that now. EDIT Typo - dunno how that turned into cant. I CAN get close to the rig minus the red ecstasy channel from bogner.
  4. kelco

    DAW latency

    What's the latency estimate in logic pro x - preferences / audio You should have better latency or equal - all you did was change interfaces but with a "better" cable technology. Now one can argue better- PS/2 has better system latency than USB but it can't send over 500 mbp/s either.
  5. Quantize, quantize everything.
  6. Sure, but if someone wants to part extra money for the privilege and it's trivial to do, then why not? USB won't be around forever. Eventually everyone will have to understand a new interface. I certainly want a dedicated port for my line6 and the TB port sits there on my mac, unused. TB3 does make it easier though since it shares USB protocols. We'll probably end up getting another Helix at some point but it wont be used as an interface there unless it really makes a particular instrument shine that wouldn't in a dedicated piece. You never know, though. Certain things just sound good together.
  7. You consistently write quite a lot for my paltry one sentence quibs. Where do you get the energy? Anyway, yeah mainly it's the "which way does this sucker go" when trying to plug it in and it taking more than the 2 tries.
  8. To be rid of that blasted connector! Also I hear the advancements in the technology allow for lower signal latency for audio interfaces.
  9. I would have liked a thunderbolt option- other than that I think the Helix over delivers, if anything.
  10. I've found the Helix is super ground hum prone. I have to make doubly sure everything is on the same circuit with it. Which is fine, but a thing.
  11. I just got my dad to try logic and likes it a lot, out of everything the hardest thing is figuring out midi contoller for us. LOL We like it a lot, though. Should have jumped in sooner.
  12. No but it fixed a broken ethernet in a different imac so tried the same thing. It's a 2008 so it was probably going to happen in a few years. It worked so much better from the 10lb of dust I blew out of it, though.
  13. Well just wait until you have to change the cmos battery. I did it this week, actually. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iMac+Intel+21.5-Inch+EMC+2308+PRAM+Battery+Replacement/1970
  14. And logic pro X just crashed while doing a basic thing. So do you blame 2 diametric opposite software companies or do you blame the host they're running on?
  15. I just wanna say chatting with you guys got me thinking and I decided to try another DAW software program. Maybe me and Avid don't mix. I've had a pretty good 24 hour experience with logic pro x. Will Helix Native work with this?
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