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  1. I actually DOWNgraded by getting a 75 to add to my 150 (combo). I agree with other users that the 150 is frankly too loud for anything other than full band rehearsals or gigs. Even then as my many patches tend to be saved with high volume (to achieve a fuller tone) I find as do other posters that I need the Master Volume at 9 o'clock and any tiny increase risks blasting my bandmates away - handle with care! I also cannot play it in the house as, even with no patch and turned right down, the 2x12s are just too loud. So I got a 75, would have bought even smaller, but of course the 75 is the smallest Spider iv which shares all the same tones and amp models as the 150, so I needed this to be able to fully copy all my patches across when using the 75 at home and in rehearsals where I can't face lugging the big 'un around. Incidentally, that is another factor to consider when upgrading....those bigger amps are damn heavy.
  2. Hi...can you tell me what your problem was and the answers? Think I may have come across the same thing with a spider iv....
  3. Anyone had this weird problem - I use the pitch glide setting to create a dive bomb effect when playing the intro to 'lonely boy' and twice playing it on a local festival stage, the pitch glide has either failed completely (which somewhat ruins the intro!) or has been intermittent. This has never happened in any other rehearsal or gig. The only issue I could come up with is that walkie talkies, which have been used by the stage crews in each instance, may have been causing radio interference with the RJ45 cable connecting my FBV Shortboard to my amp (a Spider IV 150). And because the pitch glide effect requires a non-static or changing signal, from Shortboard to amp, this was somehow failing to be transmitted 'cleanly' along the RJ45 cable. I have now bought a more robust RJ45 which claims to have better insulation from radio interference. Then again we have also now dropped that song from our live set - just in case it happens again! Thoughts/comments/shared experiences anyone....?
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