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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I just got a brand new POD GO yesterday, but on turning it on I find NO factory presets built in. ALL the banks and patches are empty and their name is displaying "new preset". Further more, when I connect it to my PC and open the POD GO Edit software, the software seems to not be able to read the POD GO's memory bank and gives an error "Failed to get preset names. Device has not been initialized properly. . I'm attaching the screenshot for my POD GO Edit software. Please help.
  2. How can i make a factory reset on my spider V 20?, because i dont saved a backup file (.svl6p) of factory presets, THANKS
  3. Wondering if you unchecked all of the categories under the 'Presets' heading in the HX Edit 2.51 "Restore From Backup" screen if it would overwrite only the Factory and Template presets with the ones from the latest firmware without overriding your user presets? Unchecking the Factory and Template setlists was how you kept the latest ones using the restore backup screen in HX Edit 2.30. Will it install the latest using this method in HX Edit 2.51? Alluded to this elsewhere but was wondering if anyone had tried it or if Line6 could let us know if it works. Seems like an easier method than doing a global reset and then having to restore the user setlists. If this works it would prevent even having to restore/overwrite your user presets from backup and would load just the newest Factory and Template presets via HX Edit's "Restore From Backup" screen.
  4. There is a HUGE BUG with the Firmware 2.0 for the Spider IV 75. If you try to restore the "Factory Presets" using the method by powering the amp off, then pressing and holding the "A" button, then powering the amp again, and waiting for the screen to ask you to confirm the reset of the "Factory Presets", then you're going to make a MESS with the IQ of your amp. It simply doesn't work at all ... the result is a HUGE NOISE for each and every preset and for each and every amp setting. The only way to go is to 1st make a safeguard on your computer of your personal preset bundle under Firmware 2.0. Then you must install the old Firmware 1.01 (or the last Firmware under which the reset method worked without trouble), then you can SAFELY use the reset method (power on while pressing "A" button), and then you must install the Firmwares back to version 2.0. In the end you wind up with your amp loaded with the Factory Presets running under Firmware 2.0, and you can finally make a safeguard of that Factory Presets Bundle on your computer. Either Line 6 decides to update the Spider IV Firmware (like a version 2.01) to include a FULL FUNCTIONAL RESET PROCEDURE, or you need to go back to the last Firmware under which the reset method was still working fine. Have fun.
  5. Due to some blanks was replace to my own tones and now I want to get it back in some.
  6. 11 new presets, 11 deleted presets. I have the full list of old and new on my site here where you can also download an archive of the deleted presets: FACTORY 1 (5 removed presets) Have a Cigar Line 6 2204 Mod Pull Me Clean Pull Me Under Tom Sawyer FACTORY 2 (6 removed presets) All American Can’t Lie Lookatthis Graph Ode 2 Yer Mom The Syndrome 2.0 Travlin Riveside
  7. There are plenty of new factory presets in 2.00 release. In fact, there are 53 new factory presets. I catalogued them all on my site. There were also 17 old factory presets eliminated. FACTORY 2 was not a full set list which is why fewer were deleted than added. You can find the full list on my site as well as a download link if you want the missing factory presets back (they've already been converted to 2.00 patch file format by import/export to the new Helix app).
  8. If anybody has a print out of the factory presets on the HD500x such as: User1 1A - Whatever 1B - Whatever User2 ​User3 so I can easily read it off my music stand for my upcoming gig I'd appreciate it. I realize I can get my HD up here on my Computer and screen snap sections but I'd rather get a printout for I'm sure someone has done that. Also, How do you with your Foot, Switch User Banks? I now push down the Knob but use Foot for ABCD but need to know and also want to confirm that if I full up the foot pedal then the volume will be off . My First public gig with HD 500x and yes I have read the manuals and been messing with it for months just that gig time closing in.
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