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PodXT Live/G5 DP/OS X 10.5.8/USB Connx fail, can't view or edit

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The HW/SW details:

  • PowerMac G5 1.8 GHz DP/4GB RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8
  • PodXT Live info screen displays: v 3.01 / USB v1.12 / ESN 01278564
  • Line 6 Edit v 3.0.1
  • Line 6 Monkey v 1.32

Brand new USB cable, tested, known to work with Printer & Scanner.
All USB ports work fine with every device I’ve tested.

I purchased my Pod XT Live used, several months ago. I’ve tested it with guitar amps and headphones, and it seems to function properly. It’s in perfect condition, save for a few small paint scuffs on the corners and edges of the housing. The retirement age gent I bought it from said he’s never had it out of the house, and I believe him. There’s not even any visible wear on the footswitches or the CC pedal. Unit seems virtually new.

After connecting the Pod XT Live to my PowerMac and launching Line 6 Edit, the software does not recognize that the Pod is connected, telling me it is “offline.†Nothing I do in Configuration seems to get them to handshake. I’ve connected directly to the front and back USB ports on my G5. I’ve disconnected all devices except for my mouse and keyboard (which are both wired)

Help files in Line 6 Edit suggest that I run Line 6 Monkey to make sure I’m fully up-to-date, but even when I apply the same username and password which allows me access to the Line 6 website and this Forum, a floating alert window appears telling me that:

Login fail.
Make sure you are connected to the internet.
Reason: (Code 800038C6) Unknown server error occurred.
If you have popup blockers, anti-spyware, or anti-virus
programs running, try temporarily disabling them.


My rebuttals to the Alert message:
• I am ALWAYS connected to the internet with a robust, fast cable connection.
• I have no system-wide popup blockers, or malware utilities running.
• Just for good measure, I disabled popup blockers & AdBlock Plus in my browsers
• (not addressed except on the License Manager FAQ page...No anonymizing apps in use)

I perused the Line 6 forums & support pages and followed suggestions to download the Line 6 License Manager; after some trial and error I discovered that v 1.0.4 is the most current which will install on PPC architecture. It was only after I installed it and logged in (this time with success, I got no alerts about a failure to connect to the internet) that a message was displayed in the License Manager app that told me:

Computer based licenses are only supported
on Intel-based Macs running 10.5 or higher.


Sooo...what installation or troubleshooting procedure am I missing here?

BTW...the following message on the following page
 is a HUGE engineering FAIL:
If you have tried all available USB ports on your computer and have either no device recognition or poor audio quality (clicks-pops), you will want to consider purchasing a PCI USB 2.0 card to connect your Line 6 USB audio interface.

Thanks in advance for pointing me toward any solutions...I champing at the bit to drive this thing around in Apple’s Logic!

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Assuming you have the newest version of Monkey installed, run it to make sure the  drivers and firmware are current.



If you purchased this with extra model packs installed, flashing the xt may wipe them out if the seller did not "gift" them to you.

(PODxt Live should come with FX-Junkie by default).


Download and install Gearbox, this may be done with or without Monkey.

Gearbox replaces Edit.

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Yes, I have the most current version of Monkey installed that will work on PPC Macs (as far as I know, anyway…info regarding PPC compatibility is missing in most of the descriptions of software on the D/L pages. Gotta D/L and try, in many cases, before I find out.


BTW...I discovered this after I submitted my first post last night…

The attached screen capture image from "System Profiler" shows that my PodXT Live is, in fact, recognized as connected via USB.

I'll go have a look for Gearbox...but something in my memory seems to remind me from looking before that there wasn't a version that worked with PPC architecture Macs [¿¿¿ shrug ???]. I dunno, I'll hit the Downloads section again.


And yes, the guy I bought it from had extra model packs installed...He explained what they were, that he got them, and I can see them listed in the LCD display on the unit.


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Thanks, Triryche...

Loading up Gearbox v 3.72 worked, and now recognizes my PodXT Live.

Monkey, on the other hand, still fails to connect to anything online. Historically speaking, I've always been wary of auto-update anything. It's the first thing I disable—if possible—on any new software I install.


Currently digging through the Gearbox & Pod user manuals.


Thanks again for your quick reply, Tri...I now have yet another time-suck that I can lose myself in as the weather turns ugly here in Central Pennsylvania! :)

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