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Definitive Answer On Os Purchased Hd500 Warranty ?


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Hi learned HD users,


I am in need of a backup for my HD500 which I use in a duo setup, gigging a couple of nights a week. Of all possibilities (looking at options up to and including the HD500), I figure I may as well just buy another 500, as I use patches with all manner of alt tunings on my variax, (preset in the HD500) and any other pedal would lead to a complete nightmare if the 500 let me down even if for just one night.


So, second hand in Australia, they're around $500AUD. New via ebay I can get one for just over that, with free delivery.


But I've read that warranty is only valid in the country of purchase. From the Line 6 support pages:


( )


Q: Do I get a warranty if I bought a unit from Ebay?

A: If you purchase a unit on Ebay, you do so at your own risk. Line 6 honors warranties from authorized retailers only.


How do I find whether an ebay seller is an authorised retailer, or are we to assume that everyone selling Line 6 gear on ebay is dodgy???



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its true that the warranty is only good in the country purchased.

and all manufacturers typically require purchase from an authorized retailer... although i've never seen that policy enforced and i've bought many things from ebay.

they could use that as a way out potentially, but generally i don't think they would as long as you had your receipt.

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you should ask your local line6 service center if they will honor a purchase of a new 500 from the u.s. some ebay sellers are authorized dealers i.e. music123


It's not really up to the local service center to decide... At least in my experience. The local service center has to get authorization from Line 6 in order to do a warranty repair. In essence, Line 6 provides service centers with the parts if needed and pays them for their time.

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Thanks to all for chipping in....

Quizzed the ebayer whether they were an "authorised reseller" after quoting the Line 6 site on buying from ebay...


"That policy does not apply to international sales."


Soooooo, what WOULD it be referring too then?!?!?!


Quizzed the local line 6 service centre if they would cover a unit bought via ebay from the good ol USofA...


"Hi Ian. Unfortunately the warranty is limited to the country from where it was purchased. "


Thanks to StephenSLR for the local cheaper price link!


The stupid thing is my current pod has been ticking along just nicely thank you for several years now without so much as a glitch, so the idea of buying one as a backup and it just sitting in it's box for years not being used, regardless of warranty coverage.....

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