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guitar port software

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Hi, I used to use my GuitarPort everyday more than several years ago, it has been a while!!! I went online and downloaded the GuitarPort installer and tried firing it all backup yesterday, but there is no software in my computer to operate with.  Is there a trick to getting this to work?  My GuitarPort does have the green light on.  Thanks for your help, Bill

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Also download the newest Monkey, it will update your drivers.


You may also want to install POD Farm 1.12, it replaces Gearbox for the Toneports.


Unless you purchase(d) an upgrade to POD Farm 2, do not bother downloading it (Monkey will probably show it as available).


You will likely need to run the License Manager, which is bundled with the Monkey.

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Its been awhile since this tread - but I have the same issue now - and cant find Monkey OR any gearbox software?
HELP - Would like to use my GuitarPort again - but need the software.....Drivers arent enough :) to use it.....

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