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no sound withe rocksmith

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I recently connected my UX2 saoundcard to my PC, but sance a connected it i cant get any sound from my bass guitar  in rocksmith

Before that it worked fine, but now when i plug in my guitar its like its not recognizing i plugged it, and also there is no any other sound that is usually in a background.

I asked them, but they suggested that iv ask here if there is some kind of software settings that will allow me something like that, because UX2 is working fine.


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No, i used them on different computers...but now since i put them both on my PC, i dont know how to get them working together....its like rocksmith is not recognizing  UX2 as a sound card...
I really dont know whats happening. :(

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Are you trying to use the UX2 as your input ? Or only as an output ?

Because Rocksmith only work with their "Real Tone Cable" as an input.


And as this cable is an ASIO interface, I don't think you can run 2 ASIO interfaces at the same time.

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