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New track featuring some of the amps and riffs from my 1st video.


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Hi everyone,


I've had an overwhelming response to my first video and the patches that I've created. I decided to put a track together made up from some of the riffs that I played in my first video.


I also used a few of the amps and patches that were made available on my website. There will be more patches for download once the second part of the video is uploaded.


I used the Les Paul for this track.


In the meantime, the amps featured were:


Plexi (all the backing gtrs)


JCM800 (the first, second and last solo gtrs. A bit of stereo delay was added to these)


Treadplate (3rd solo gtr. Stereo delay was added to this patch)


Fender Twin (clean gtr straight)


Fender Twin with delay and chorus.


Hope you enjoy,





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Great tones and arrangement .Truly excellent potential!


Personally, I prefer to use my volume control to get a mix louder. Please don't ,make listening to an otherwise great track a pain in the ears. Just tone back the compression /limiting. Guitars don't need any compression as they are clipped already excepting bass but lightly please just to even the notes.

It will help make it a joy to listen to especially for us over 50's LOL


Otherwise flawless!


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Thanks bjnette,


I do agree with you regarding the limiting but it's a delicate balance between loud and loud with no dynamics at all.


I try to stay within a certain loudness level and keep as much punch to a track as I can. I've had a lot of success with it which shows by the amount of mastering work that comes my way.


If I had my way I'd back off on final limiting completely but if I did that, I'd have no clients. My final masters usually come out at around

-10 to -11 dB's. A lot of final masters are being maximised to -6dB which is crazy.


Glad you enjoyed the track though.





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