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Some bugs on my POD HD500X


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I didn't install 2.62 yet, but I ran hd edit version 2.26 and it still has the non-valued dep parameters, which the download page claims is fixed.

same here. i'm using a different pc, installed hd edit 2.26 and the cab dep parameters still doesn't show the percentage.

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Well I am looking at the forum all these days and no one else seems to refer to these bugs. Could we get some attention of the Line6 staff somehow? So they can be aware of that issue.


Of the three things you mentioned in your original post, I have an open ticket on the DEP control one. It took them a week to respond with the equivalent of huh? what's going on? So it seems they are not even aware of at least this one bug introduced in the latest updates to hd edit, 2.25 and 2.26.


You could try opening a support ticket. It is really the only avenue open to us. The only other possibility is if Digital_Igloo randomly shows up here to read this and asks the appropriate people to look into it.

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