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  1. I have the same issue on my Hx Effects
  2. After upgranding my HxEffects to 2.91, I've noticed a strange behavior if I put a stereo double tracking block just before a/b split. It seems that the final R channel has 6dB less volume than the L channel.
  3. After upgrading my HxEffects to 2.91 firmware,I can here a dry signal coming out from Hx Effects while the tuner is ON even if the setting for the tuner is to mute the guitar signal. With the previous firmware everything was OK.
  4. After upgrading my HxEffects firmware to 2.91 version, the output volume is lower by -6dB circa. Please note that I've already checked this on my DAW, with the same output settings (instruments) on my HxEffects, same guitar, same patch, same routing, same project, and I've compared a new take with the older one I've recorded 2 days before the new firmware. So, it's definetly a bug or a new behavior from the last firmware and from my testing is related to the IR block.
  5. Doing the same with my amp, Hx Effects and Torpedo Captor. On the patch I use IR Loader after the FX Loop2 so I can feed the PA with cab simulation. Sounds great.
  6. Thanks, but I know how to set line level or instrument level. This is not the point. The point is that the amp has line level loop and you can choose or instrument level or line level for both send and return jack on the Hx, not separately. So I'm asking how other users are setting this and how it sounds. From other research these are the options I found: a. Set the output and the fx loop to line level. Then tweak the send parameter to -12dB into the fx loop block b. Set the output to line level, and the loop to instrument level. Then twek the return parameter to -12dB into the fx loop block.
  7. Hi guys, I have a question for those using the EVH5150III with 4CM. This amp has line level loop, so how do you set the Hx Effects output and loop levels? Thanks
  8. You will loose stereo depth doing that and also the parallel B route! To avoid this, after few experiments, I ended up with the following solution - you can apply this only if you have a Line OUT in your amp (or something like Torpedo Captor or DI box between your head and cab): Guitar => HX IN => HX Comp/Drive => HX Loop1 Send => Amp Input => Amp FX Send => HX Loop1 Return => HX Chorus/Noise Gate/etc blocks => HX Loop 2 Send => Ampf FX Return Amp Line OUT (or Torpedo Captor or something similar) => HX Loop 2 Return => HX IR Loader Block here/Delay/Reverb => HX OUT Stereo => PA In this way you can also have some blocks in the loop of the amp (so you can hear that) and using the IR just after the HX Loop2 block you can feed the PA with stereo signals.
  9. I've finally found a better solution - a sort of virtual triamping - in this way: - effects before my amp (wah, dist, etc.., mono version) - after these fx blocks, put a fx loop 1 in the signal chain - cable from send1 plug to guitar in on the amp - cable from line out of the amp to return1 plug on the hx - one IR block just after the fx loop 1 block - here, what you need to feed the PA with wet signals (stereo version) - cables from HX outputs plugs to PA In this way I get the amp sound (dry) to hear my self on stage, and L/R wet signal with IR simulation for the FOH. Only 2 blocks are used! In addition, with slight modifications is also possibile to get dual amp with the same patch (disable the ir block, use the standard 4cm cable connection and link the R output to the power section of a second amp) . Regards
  10. Thanks guys. The tone I'm referring to is the tone Petrucci has during live performances in 2017/2018, and there he is using an Axe FX for the delay. Anyway, I think I've found a solution stacking two dual delays with switched L/R time and tweaking the mix parameters to avoid infinite feedback. This should simulate the "cross-feedback" capability of the Axe FX. In the next weeks I will upload the patch and a video showing the result. Bye!
  11. Hi guys.. I would like to get the same cascade effect on the delay that John Petrucci is using during live performances. You can hear it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFc8g2YBwTo From what I can read in the description, Petrucci is using the Dual Delay effect from Fractal stuff. I thought I could use the Dual Delay stereo block in the Helix, but this delay lacks the cross-feedback between L and R channels you have in the Fractal that generate that cascade effect. Any idea or chance to replace this tone also in the Helix? Thanks!
  12. Unfortunately the new HX Edit cannot import patches built for the Helix Floor. The only way is to edit the hlx files. I think I will implement a software utility to help the user in this modification and to convert the hlx files from Helix FL to HX Effects. Someone wants to join?
  13. Yes, I know that the hlx file is JSON based. To get things easy, we could write a tool in order to show graphically what's in it, and let the user choose what to keep and what to delete. I hoped the HX Edit had this functionality onboard. What a pity!
  14. Just a question, I think it's interesting for anybody owning a HX Effects: Is the new version of HX Edit able to open files/patches for Helix Floor, modify it and upload on the HX Effects? Thanks
  15. Yes, it does. I use two IR Loaders in parallel to feed the PA, and another send block to close the loop to my amp (in 4cm). In this way I have both amp and FOH signals. If only the the IR Loader was stereo...
  16. The HX Effects allows to use 2 mono 1024 sample IR or 1 mono 2048 sample IR. I don't see why I cannot use 1 stereo 1024+1024 sample IR. I cannot move those effects after the IR block because I'm running 4CM (with a dedicated send2 before the output ) and feeding the PA with IR at the same time. I would like to hear the effects also into the real cab and if I move the effects after the IR Loader I won't hear through my amp. Yes, you are right.. but I'm using loop1 and send2 blocks for 4CM and now I have to use 2 more blocks for IR loader with Y split routes.. The result is that I have only 5 blocks left (and no parallel routing as long as I have to use the Y splitter for the 2 IR blocks). So this is a hard limit to me.. If Line6 won't implement stereo IR, in this situation the only solution is to use a different device to load the IR and feed the PA. Thanks anyway!
  17. Hi everybody. I've just noticed that the IR loader block in Hx Effects is only a mono effect. So, if you feed it with stereo signal you will get a mono output with phasing/artifacts issues on sound. This is very bad, expecially if you need a stereo image (i.e. double pitch effect, ping pong delay effect).. all the stereo effects are definetely useless if your last block is a IR loader. Of course you can put a second IR loader in path B, but in this way you have to use 2 IR loaders at the same time and you are very limiteded in effects routing. I wonder why Line6 didn't implement a stereo IR loader block.. it would be a killer feature as it would solve a large number of problems.
  18. Hey.. thanks! I came with the same (2nd) solution after posting this. For everybody facing the same needs: - set the OUTPUT level to match your amp loop spec - put a IR loader block last in the chain, move alone in the path B, set block level to maximum allowed (+6 dB) - on the mixer block, pan path A hard left and path B hard right - connect the amp with the standard 4CM method using the OUTPUT L to feed your amp return - connect the OUTPUT R from HX to your PA/DAW - on the mixer block, raise the B path level to match your PA/DAW input If you don't need the PA/DAW signal coming from path B, make sure plug a cable or jack into OUTPUT R or deselect the IR loader on path B, otherwise you will get also the IR path feeding your amp.
  19. Hi All, I recently purchased the new HX FX and was doing some test using the 4CM with my amp (EVH 5150 III). I would like to get 4CM together with IR cab loader, in order to have a parallel path on the HX to feed my DAW or PA with cab simulation. Right now, to achieve this, what I came with is: - Set the OUTPUT L/R as line level and connect these to my DAW - Set the S/R Loop 2 to instrument level and connect the send 2 to my amplifier - In path A, put the IR loader - In path B, put the SEND2 Loop block But in this way, I am using ad additional block (the SEND2 loop block), I cannot use the 2nd loop anymore, and I have to change the global settings (and also the patch construction chain) in the case I need to return back to the standard 4CM. I wonder if there is better way to achieve 4CM together with IR cab simulation. Thanks for your help!
  20. Hi guys, I think I found a method to solve the issue... just change the setlist --> power off --> power on --> change again the setlist.. now you will see the percentage again.. Hope this will help you.
  21. Same thing here.. after upgrading my PODHD500X with the last firmware, I cannot see percentage while tweaking amp parameter...It seems like there is a bug in the last firmware..
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