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Which Ipad

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a 1st generation ipad will not work at all!!!

the app requires a newer version of the ipad operating system... generation 1 can only get version 5.... long out of date as we're on 8 now....

Hello zap. I accidentally gave you a -1 on the above post. Sorry. My fat fingers you Is there a way to change that to a +1?

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they must have changed it at some point....

it does say its compatible with iOS 5.1 which would include the ipad 1st generation...

wouldn't want to risk it myself if buying an ipad... that could change at any time...

which may leave you unable to use potential upgrades...

but it's great that it's working now.



I am successfully using ipad 1st Generation now for the past two years.

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"Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPad."


Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I am looking for the cheapest Ipad that will work and it seems the software has been updated to require a newer IOS.


IPad 2 is only partial support for OS 9.  I know nothing about Ipads other than the cost goes up with the newer models.  I really wanted to use the original Ipad for less than 50 bucks.  Around 100 for the Ipad 2 and I am not sure that will work either.  If there is a copy of the older software available that will work with IOS5, then I am all set.  What are my options?

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