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I have recently purchased a ux2 and Im quite excited to use it, but I've ran into a problem.


I bought some Behringer MS16 speakers to monitor the sound, but there is only one SPDIF output, which is used to connect to the other speaker. I have tried to connect straight from the one speaker just to see if it will work, but no sound at all. The input meter from the guitar in pod farm is moving, meaning at least the sound is being registered.


I think I need to buy like a rca (Red and white connectors) to spdif cable to connect to the ux2 to get the sound out, but again Im not sure if I'm right.


Could anyone confirm this is the type of cable I need to finally get my ux2 up and running, and if not, direct me to the correct type of cable to use?





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I don't believe the Behringer speakers have an actual SPDIF input. I don't think the connection between the two speakers is SPDIF, either. I think's it's just an analog speaker cable to take the powered signal to the speaker that doesn't have the power cord attached to it. The cable Behringer uses just happen to look like an SPDIF cable.


To connect the UX2 to your speakers, you'll need to use  the 1/4" outs or the headphone outs. If you use the headphone out, you could do it with one TRS cable. The UX2's headphone is 1/4" and the speakers' TRS input is 1/8" so you need to get a cable with the correct ends and/or adapter to make that work. If you use the UX2's 1/4" outs, you could use regular 1/4" cables with 1/4" to RCA adapters at the end. Or you could use a stereo RCA cable with RCA to 1/4" adapters. There are few different ways to skin the cat.

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If I was to use the one TRS cable like you said, would the sound play from both speakers?


With the 1/4 jack input, I would only be able to plug it into either the L analog out or the R analog as the speakers only have one rca connection on the back.


Would this allow the sound to come out both head phones or just the one?

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Does the back of the one speaker look like this?




If it does, and you want to use the RCA connection along with the UX2's 1/4" outs, you have to get two 1/4" cables (one for left and one for right) and two1/4" to RCA adapters. Or, as I mentioned earlier, you could get a stereo RCA cable with red and white ends and get adapters for the one side to go to the UX2 1/4" outs'


The way the Behringer speakers work is that one speaker is powered and the other speaker is passive, or unpowered. The unpowered speaker gets its signal and power from the little RCA cable coming from the back of the powered speaker going to it. So you just plug all the inputs into the powered speaker.

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Yeah it does look like that.


"Or, as I mentioned earlier, you could get a stereo RCA cable with red and white ends and get adapters for the one side to go to the UX2 1/4" outs'"


The stereo came with one of them, so If I buy an adapter for the stereo cable, in theory it should work?

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