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Amp Wish List For The Next Update (whenever That Is)


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Roland JC120

Orange AD30

Orange Rockerverb 100

Orange OR50

Marshall Silver Jubilie

Fender Acoustisonic

Fender Tone Master (really hard to find in it's own right, but a unique and awesome amp. the other guitarist in my band plays one and its amazing!)

Ampeg V4

Ampeg Gemini 20




Crowther Hot Cake

Emma Reezafratzitz (highly doubt this would ever make it in to a modeler lol)

Fulltone OCD

Fulltone Tape Echo

a proper flanger (MXR M117 by chance?)

Cusak Tap-A-Whirl (with some of the rhythm presets you can go through)

EHX Freeze





Orange PPC412

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