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Amp Wish List For The Next Update (whenever That Is)


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Well, now we know why they've been silent on the firmware updates for so long. Now that the HD500X is out of the bag, maybe we can look forward to a firmware update in the not too distant future.


Here's a list of amps that I'd like to see make the POD;


A 6505/5150 lead channel would still be a good idea for starters. As awesome as the SLO Overdrive model is, it's authenticity makes it problematic at times. Turning up the gain adds low end, but at the expense of tightness ( true to the original apparently. I thought it was me, but doing some research and L6 really nailed the nuances of how the EQ and Gain controls interact with each other). It's also tonally different enough that it would be a welcome addition.


A 6505+ lead channel model would be great too. It's darker and bolder than the 6505, and a bit more aggressive sounding. It's different enough from the original 6505 sound to warrant its own model. It's a great sound for any hard rock or metal style and is a staple of the genre.


Bogner Ecstasy Blue and Red channel models would be spectacular; If you haven't heard the Ecstasy, listen to some clips right now and tell me we don't want/need these two channels in the POD! Not to mention that L6 modeled it on the X3, so no reason they can't give it the HD treatment. 


Same goes for the Diezel VH4; Channels 2 through 4 need make an appearance. They were in the X3, and it's another FANTASTIC sounding high gain amp. A staple of high gain tone if ever there was one.


A Diezel Herbert needs to make an appearance. Awesome amp. 'nough said.


A JC120 is high on the list, only because people are still clamoring for it. I was a big proponent a while back for it, but I've come to really enjoy the fenders, voxes, and the SLO 100 clean. I really could care less if it ever made it onto the POD now, but I know other people can't live without it so it needs to be on this list.


Other great amps that I really wanted to see on the POD, but have since stop jonsin' for because I've learned to live with the current line up and have come up with patches that sound close enough;


JCM900/2000, Silver Jubilee, and Mk IIc+.  They're great amps, and would be great on the HD, but I personally can live without them now. If we got the previous 6 I listed, and no others, I could not only live with, but thoroughly enjoy my POD HD Pro from here on out indefinitely. 


When it comes to effects, I've come to grips with everything on offer, except the choruses. I find them kind of weak. A potent chorus or two, and I could live with the rest of the FX.

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True bypass to eliminate tone suck


Not to sidetrack too much, but I don't think true bypass necessarily makes sense on a device like the HD500. It could be OK if you have a buffered pedal in front of the HD500, but if your chain goes guitar --> HD500 --> amp, you'll experience much more tone suck in true bypass than you would a buffered bypass. A true bypass pedal used as the only pedal with a long cable run means that you hear all the capacitance losses from your cable. A buffered bypass will make it so you don't experience it nearly as much.


Pete Thorn does a good job of explaining it here:


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I agree on the 5150 (aka "Criminal" from the XT Live). It would be nice to get the amps from the ADD-ON "MS" pack.


What I would like to get is all the same pedals from the XT Live...i.e. Sine Chorus, a True EQ. Those should be easy to add...they have the code already, they have the aligorthms.....just add them!



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True bypass to eliminate tone suck, a dedicated effects loop that doesn't use an FX block, Five patches per bank with a fifth on-off switch, a dedicated on-off switch for all eight FX blocks and a second expression pedal. 


Yeah, a dedicated FX loop that isn't an FX block would make the world of difference! And being able to put it directly in front or behind the amp in a dual signal chain would be the balm! If it's a stereo processor and you want to place it directly after the amp model, AND THEN split the signal the POD can't do it. The loop gets dumped in either the left or right signal chain! What a pain in the arse!

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I agree on the 5150 (aka "Criminal" from the XT Live). It would be nice to get the amps from the ADD-ON "MS" pack.


What I would like to get is all the same pedals from the XT Live...i.e. Sine Chorus, a True EQ. Those should be easy to add...they have the code already, they have the aligorthms.....just add them!

+1 on all of the above. 


Add in the JCM2000 (ie Brit 2000 #2 from the XTL/X3)

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Im going to linit it my contribution to 3, knowing it probably involves a TON of work for line 6 to even model 1 amp well:


My first choice would be the Mesa Mk2C+, just an incredibly versatile, toneful sound all from one lead channel. Gets brutal crunch that rolls back very nicely into a soft creamy crunch.


My 2nd choice would be a real JCM800. Mesa seems to be stuck on this modded Marshall that belonged to the guitarist in vertical horizon, and while it may be neat sounding to them, it's about the worst jcm800 I've heard. When you think jcm800, you think super bright crunchy broken glass, not bassy midrange and mud. Anyone remember the pre 2.0 XT jcm? It was great. I'm not a fan of bringing old models into the HD, but maybe remodel a more traditional 800?


A real rectifier: having owned a few, mesa goofed their choice of rectifier. Their model accurate to the 3 channel... but Nobody loves the 3 channel amps they based their model off of. The real magical dual/triple rectifier were the low (pre #500) serial number dual channel models. Less fizz, more midrange bite, more crunch...especially loaded with EL34s. Even the red channel on the tremoverb would be a great representation.


I hope this post doesn't come off too negative. I love L6, and have been with them on every pod version...and I hope this is viewed as potentially helpful feedback. Changing those 2 amps for better versions of those amps would go a long way towards really topping this podHD experience off.

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Peavey 5150
Diezel VH4 (even though I'm not into metal, it gives me a nu-metal feel)
- Mesa Boogie Tremoverb 
- Orange AD30TC (or any good Orange amp)
- At least 2 more BASS amps (from the X3)


- Maestro Brassmaster (a.k.a. Bronze Master in the X3), PLEASE... This is a quintessential bass FX.
- Auto-Swell (from the X3)
- Auto-Wah (and I mean a real one)
- Bass Overdrive
- Boss GEB-7 (EQ for bass)

General Stuff:
- Global EQ
- Looper outside an FX block (i don't even need it, so I could use that DSP for something else)
- An option to 'clear' a patch would be appreciated (no real way to do it the HD500x Edit)
- Am I the only one who would find useful to run 1 amp throught 2 different cabs?

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Mesa MK II

JC 120

Any old Orange amp


I would also like to see a Dumble or other rare boutique Amps..




For FX

A true harmonizer like the eventide

A treble booster ala rangemaster

Auto swell

I agree with EnzoHeavenly

Looper outside an FX block (i don't even need it, so I could use that DSP for something else)


And i fix so i can use my FBV shortboard effortless insted of tweaking it so every f**cking patch has the right switch for the right effect..As it is right now if i choose a delay the POD puts it to switch 6 on my shortboard (i dont have a 6 switch i only have 4)instead of swith 3 the same goes for dist it want it to switch 6

If it one thing i really hate when it comes to Line6..

It is that if you dont buy a floormodel like 500 and goes for desktop or Pro model they try to force you to buy a new MIDI PEDAL for very product the release..

A F**cking MIDI pedal how many do we need?

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-MarkIIC+ and more Rectifier channels/modes

-"Power amp" or "no amp" model, to be able to use just the cabs. That's a really easy thing to implement.

    (...or different blocks for preamps/poweramps/cabs, although that would require a lot more programming I guess... maybe for next version)

-Stereo versions of some effects that are now mono
-4 BAND PARAMETRIC EQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Auto wha
-Separate output modes for different physical output pairs

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I am pretty happy with the choice of amp and cabs already but of course more is always better.


I'd very much like to see the FX reworked to be better than more amps even to sacrifice DSP.


If it not possible to up the ante on the FX at least fix the parameters on the EQs from % to freq and db for gain. Now this is totally possible.

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How about a Dumble or Bad Cat or Victoria? Any model would be fine. I wouldn't mind a 5150, but there's enough high gain amps already there.


If they are working on effects updates, they sure aren't going to give them away for free. I'm guessing we will see a new multifx pedal before we see new fx in the HD line.

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Love to get an Orange amp and a Roland Jazz Chorus amp.


I have to agree on the chorus pedals - I am finding myself putting stuff into the FX loop and using the amp, reverbs and delays on HD500.


I think people would be willing to shell out a couple of bucks to get an amp pack or an effects pack -> could be a way to extend the HD500 profit stream and keep us away from the Kempers and AxeFX. 

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Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the chorus pedals/FX on offer are weak/lacking/sound-like-@ss. Lately I find if I use two or three (stick one in front with the mix set about 50-60%, and one or two post amp with mix set the same) I can get a decent sound, but holy-jumpins IT TAKES TWO OR THREE of them to get something going. Also cool to see people's choice of amp models they'd like to see. keep it comin' people.

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Some good ideas in this thread, especially from the OP.


L6 has a new place to suggest ideas, and for others to vote on them. I understand that the most popular suggestions are then more likely to go into future updates.


See here:

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That would be more effective if I didn't have to register again and create a new ID/password. I've got enough user ids and passwords and sites that I have to remember as it is. It would be more effective if it used the same combo for this support site.

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It would be more effective if it used the same combo for this support site.

It would be nice, but unfortunately it's a third-party site. You should be able to register with the username and password there that you use here, though. That's what I did. The other nice thing about the ideascale site is that it allows to comment anonymously if you wish. You still have to register and log in, but you have the option of not having your username seen by others.

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Now that 500x is out, they need to allow 10 FX blocks as there is 20% more DSP. I currently use POD HD Pro only for effects so without amps and cabs more FX should be a no brainer. I run dual tones all the time so tend to add FX in pairs. Tron up left and tron down right, fuzz pi left and jet fuzz right. leslies left and pitch vibrtao right etc etc etc. Since simple things like volume  and loop take up a slot this would also help that issue.


More thought to acoustic stuff like preamps. Having it part of dream rig with JTVs and not having enough tools for acoustic sounds is a bit whacky.





JCM 900 Clean



In fact with just those two I would be thinking about a 2nd HD Pro and actually use the amp models.



I really wish they would do a POD HD 1000 Pro with two of the newer DSPs so people could really create more complex patches without DSP issues. Charge $1,000 or whatever is needed.

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My amp wish list:

  • Acoustic 360

  • Aguilar DB750

  • Alembic F-2B

  • Ampeg B-15

  • Ampeg SVT

  • Eden Traveler WT-300

  • Fender Bassman combo

  • Fender Dual Showman

  • Gallien-Krueger 800 RB

  • Hiwatt 200DR

  • Hiwatt DR-103

  • Marshall Major

  • Marshall Plexi Super Bass

  • Mesa/Boogie Bass 400+

  • Polytone Minibrute

  • Roland JC120

  • SWR SM-500

  • Sunn Coliseum

  • Supro Thunderbolt

  • Versatone Pan-O-Flex

  • Vox AC-100

C'mon, Line 6, give us some great bass amp models.
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A global EQ would be good, but I think the SLO 100 set the bar so high for the High-Gain models that they need some more just to catch up and feel balanced again. For me, the only one that still stands up other than the SLO is the Dual Rectifier. The others feel kind of weak by comparison now. It needs the XTC Red channel, and the Diezel VH4 channels, Herbert, and 6505/6505+ Lead channels to beef up the high gain end of it. It's crazy, 'cause the clean and overdriven tones are amazing - I just spent last night wailin' away on the various fender models and was in awe at how big they sound, and how inspiring they are... We need some more high gain models that are as inspiring as the SLO and dual rec, and as equally inspiring as those amazing fender models.

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