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  1. Sorry about the ultralong responsetime, but the forum was down.... :| It was a fault from my side, the re-amp source was probably reset (when I updated to 2.53 and did a global reset) so the input source had to be set to Variax again.
  2. I’m actually having issues with this also, my usb #7 is dead silent. I'm recording #1&2 just fine in Sonar, but the channel that should be dry is silent. In Global -> input its set to 7. I use my JTV guitar with the variax cable, could that have something to do with it?
  3. My Surface Pro 3 have been working perfectly for the last year - no hitch with the Helix! (i5 128gb model)
  4. I did that to upgrade my first POD as well! From POD 1 to POD 2 :P
  5. I think its great - for me it was a no-brainer (but I did not pay 4k$ for it) I would rather have a white one though, mine is red. But I can live with that :D
  6. I've never noticed the foam in the spring either, but I doublechecked now and they are there, all 3 of them ;)
  7. I use my Beyerdynamics (DT770, already mentioned here) and I find it to be very good. I don't have anything else plugged in the Helix besides the guitar. But, I tried my ear cancelling BOSE QC25, (about same price as the DT700) and they sounded awful. It was really, really bad - not possible to use at all. So - try a different set of headphones.
  8. Mine was same. I was expecting new FW now... :lol:
  9. Yes, maybe it is. My point were more for the Ideascale part of it. The Helix does not have any hardware capabilities as of now to store the loops, but one of my suggestions were that it could be stored via the USB somehow.
  10. I've made a Ideascale for just this, actually. We could store it in a USB stick.
  11. Yes
  12. @Leemh: what kind of (unwanted) noise would you say your guitar suffers from? I see you are not native English speaking, so please look through the link I gave you and see if you are more confident in any of the different (warble, buzz, artifacts, clang, plink etc). I'm not native English myself either, so I know how difficult it can be on a forum :) As all the other guys say, different issues requires different treatment. Though, it is most common a setup issue. Or, even better would be a soundsample so we could hear it ourselves.
  13. Guys, be nice. :lol: To "leemh", you can find the details here. As mentioned above, you can use a sponge or velcro.
  14. Could it be the setup of the guitar? (yours) When the action is too high it might be feeling like the neck is too heavy.
  15. Yes, I find the JTV "semi" (hollowbody) also very good for "the funk". :D
  16. Customtone, "Funk ave nitch" Works great, you can actually stay on that all night.
  17. :Ptypical I've got problems also - they released the 2.0 software just the same day I left for vacation (so I'm not at home :() PS: I don't know what "scenes" is. Never heard about it. But I love the "snapshots" :lol:
  18. I have added an idea regarding using "Looper blocks" as more of a looper pedal (like the Boss RC300 etc) but cannot seem to insert a link (might be my browser messing with me...) The whole idea is to record or prerecord (yes, that would require a possibility to save the loop to a USB drive or something) a part and control it with a footswitch (either in the looper view, footswitch view of preferably I can choose wherever I want it) Would be very handy, especially live!!
  19. Loving the tone and would like the patch on Custom Tone! Great playing as well
  20. Great sounds and playing! Sounds just like Hendrix would have in 2016 :)
  21. Anyone tried Mission G66 Custom?
  22. Maybe use Chad's patch and also blend in a whammy or hamonizer (+ an octave to simulate the harmonic overtones?)
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