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Wrench size for JTV 89F Truss rod

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Hey lost the larger wrench shipped with the JTV 89f. I am assuming this is the truss rod wrench, or the birdge height adjustment for the Floyd Rose. Could someone tell me what the size of the truss rod adjustment wrench pretty please?

"The one that fits" ;)


I've probably lost as many Allen wrenches as guitar picks over the years. Finally broke down and bought a big set with both US and metric sizes, as I have a bunch of guitars, all with different size bolts for the truss rod. Usually can't remember what size is for what guitar..."Nope, not this one"...


Someone here will know and chime in...fear not. Or you can get a set that will cover all your bases for $10-$15 at Home Depot, and you'll never have to think about it again.

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